Room & Access Key InformationRoom Keys

Bent Key or Key Replacement

The Physical Plant, at the request of the residence hall staff, will replace bent or broken keys. The damaged or broken key must be turned in to the residence hall clerk.

Lock Repair

If your lock malfunctions or is damaged and the situation created affects the safety and security of you and your belongings, a locksmith will repair the problem. If the repair is necessary due to a malfunction of the lock, there will be no charge. If the repair is necessary due to vandalism or misuse, there will be a charge to you or the floor, depending on the circumstances.

Lost Key & Temporary Key

Residents are issued a key for their room and a hall access key which become their responsibility. If a resident loses his or her keys, he or she must request a lock recore through the residence hall clerk or head staff. This should be done as soon as possible to protect personal belongings and can be completed with one roommate’s request. Temporary keys are available at the front desk to check-out.  A fee may be associated with your key checkout.  See your desk for details.  

Questions about keys?

Contact your 24-hour information desk anytime or visit your hall clerk during regular business hours.

Bayliss & Henninger Halls

Tricia Cook
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3401

Corbin & Olson Halls

Leah Statler
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3209

Graduate & Family Housing

Angela Wagner
Graduate & Family Housing Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3331

Lincoln, Washington & Grote Halls

Sherry Lavingon
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3597

Tanner Hall

Judy Smith
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3597

Thompson Hall

Denise Daugherty
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3625