Residence Hall Services and Information

Accessible Residence Halls for Students with Disabilities

WIU has made a conscientious effort to make the campus as accessible as possible. At the present time, Corbin/Olson, Grote, Thompson, and Washington Halls are designed to accommodate students with disabilities.

If you have any questions or concerns with regard to accessibility, please feel free to contact UHDS, your Complex Director, or your RA. Every effort will be made to make your living arrangements as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Disability Resource Center: (309) 298-2512

Air-Conditioning and Heating

All halls are equipped with air-conditioning and heating. When the air-conditioning or heating is on, keep windows closed so that equipment can operate efficiently. Facilities Management will be called in to check the cooling/heating equipment if the room temperature is outside of established parameters. If you believe your room temperature to be outside of these parameters, check out a thermometer at your front desk and report your findings to our desk or hall staff.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycle racks are available outside each residence hall. Bicycles are not allowed in buildings. Storing or parking bicycles in rooms, hallways, or lounges is prohibited.

Break Housing Information

Halls close at 7:00 pm on Friday, November 21, for Thanksgiving Break.*
Halls re-open at 10:00 am on Sunday, November 30.
Halls close at 7:00 pm on Friday, December 19, for Winter Break.*
Halls re-open at 12:00 pm on Sunday, January 18.
Halls close at 7:00 pm on Friday, March 13, for Spring Break.*
Halls re-open at 10:00 am on Sunday, March 22.

*Short-term extended stays are available for each closing period. Contact your Complex Director for more information.

Students have the option to stay on campus during break periods (Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, inter-sessions, and pre-sessions). Break housing is available in Corbin/Olson.

The five options for break housing are as follows:

  1. August Inter-Session (end of summer school through start of semester)
  2. Thanksgiving Break
  3. Winter Break 1 (through December 31)
  4. Winter Break 2 (January 1-January 18)
  5. May Pre-Session (end of semester through start of summer school)

There will be additional rates for each break housing session automatically billed to your student account. All students must sign up for break housing 48 hours prior to the housing period start by calling (309) 298-3000. For instance, if you want to stay for the Thanksgiving Break, you will need to notify UHDS by Wednesday, November 19.

If you live in Corbin or Olson, you have the option to stay in your room. If you live in another residence hall, you will be given a room in Olson Hall to stay in during the break period. Break period sign-up is first come, first served and has limited availability. 

Computer Lab Locations

Four computer labs for residence hall students are located in Corbin/Olson, Lincoln/Washington, Tanner, and Thompson Halls. All labs are equipped with variety of workstations and printers. 

Custodial/Cleaning Services

The custodians (known as Building Service Workers at WIU) are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the public areas of the halls, laundry rooms, recreation rooms, special study areas, and restrooms (with the exception of Grote Hall). Each Building Service Worker is assigned to maintain several floors. Students are responsible for maintaining a clean room. Access to facilities, including restrooms, may be restricted during daily cleaning or periods of maintenance. 

Information Desk Services

Each hall has an information desk that offers a variety of services and provides part-time employment for students. The information desk provides general information and serves as a center for mail distribution, lost and found items, lost key reports, and the check-out for various equipment and table games. If there is an emergency, you should contact the desk if your RA is not available. 



Although the University will exercise reasonable efforts to protect student property, the University is not in any way liable for loss from theft or damage to any personal property belonging to students or their guests. All students are urged to make sure that their personal property is covered by insurance, either with their parents’ homeowners insurance policy or by a special student policy available for this specific purpose by an insurance firm specializing in this type of coverage. 

Luggage Storage Rooms

Limited space is available in these rooms on each floor for your luggage and other items (e.g., trunks and large appliance boxes such as for your stereo, television, or refrigerator). All other items (e.g., packing boxes, mattresses, room furniture) must be stored in your room. Items of value cannot be stored in luggage storage rooms. Be sure to label everything to prevent property loss. The storage rooms are kept locked. If you desire to remove anything, you need to make arrangements with your RA. Although the University will exercise all reasonable efforts to protect student property, the University is not liable for loss of, theft of, or damage to any property belonging to residents. Students are encouraged to carry personal property insurance. 

Mail Services

U.S. Postal Service

Every day (except Sunday and legal holidays), U.S. mail is delivered to each of the residence halls. Mail is sorted and placed into student mailboxes when it arrives. Mailboxes are located near the information desk in each hall. There is one mailbox per room, and your room number corresponds to your mailbox number. Your room key opens your mailbox. A U.S. Post Office drop box is available at each information desk for outgoing letters and items with appropriate postage.

Packages, Registered Mail/UPS/FedEx, etc. – Packages, Registered Mail/UPS/FedEx deliveries, etc., which are delivered to the residence hall and signed for by UHDS hall/desk staff, cannot be refused for delivery by the student to whom it was sent. Any items that the student wants to return must be accepted by the student and then returned through that company’s regular procedures. Students will be notified when a package or registered mail is available for pickup. We do not accept outgoing pieces for Federal Express, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express, or any other parcel service. Students who are unsure about postage should take the item to the U.S. Post Office.

Mail Forwarding – If you are leaving the residence halls for any reason, please provide the Office of the Registrar with the correct forwarding address. Students who move during the school year will have their first class mail forwarded to them by the information desk staff using our mail forwarding system. All first class mail will be forwarded to students over the winter and summer break periods. Mail will NOT be forwarded over Thanksgiving and Spring Break periods. Standard (formerly bulk rate) mail and merchandise sent by commercial companies cannot be forwarded. It is the student’s responsibility to notify companies, friends, and family of his or her new address to guarantee continued delivery of all mail.

Mailing Tips – Have correspondents use your full name on the envelope rather than a nickname or joke name. This will cause less confusion if the mail must be forwarded. Cash is never safe to send or receive through the mail. Remind friends or family to send a check or money order when sending money.

Proper Mailing Addresses – Be sure to use the proper mailing addresses when mailing to residence hall students: 

John Brown
Thompson Hall Room 313
1200 N. Western Ave.
Macomb, IL 61455

Individual hall street addresses should include the following:

Name                                 Name                                    Name              
Corbin Hall Room ____       Olson Hall ____                      Thompson Hall ____
410 N. Western Avenue      400 N. Western Avenue         1200 N. Western Ave.
Macomb, IL 61455             Macomb, IL 61455               Macomb, IL 61455

Name                                 Name                                    Name
Lincoln Hall Room ____       Washington Hall Room ____  Grote Hall Room ____
700 W. Adams Street           710 W. Adams Street            720 W. Adams Street
Macomb, IL 61455              Macomb, IL 61455              Macomb, IL 61455

Name                                  Name                                 Name
Bayliss Hall Room ____        Henninger Hall Room ____  Tanner Hall Room ____
720 W. University Drive        730 W. University Drive       740 W. University Drive
Macomb, IL 61455              Macomb, IL 61455            Macomb, IL 61455

Distribution of Special Items

Special items (e.g., flowers, candy, stuffed animals, flyers, etc.) that have not gone through campus mail or the U.S. Postal Service should be delivered to the information desk for distribution. These items must meet the following guidelines:

  • Items provided by the hall’s student government or RA for their respective hall need to be approved by the Complex Director.
  •  Items provided by registered campus organizations must first be approved for distribution by UHDS in Seal Hall. Items will be distributed from Seal Hall to the buildings.
  •  Approval for delivery must be requested from and approved by the appropriate UHDS staff member at least five working days before the distribution date. 

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance request forms are available using the “Fix It” link at wiu.edu/housing. Choose the hall you live in, and fill out the online form. Repairs are completed on a priority basis. Should the repair work not be completed within a reasonable period of time, contact the Residence Hall Clerk or your Complex Director. 


Personal Property Retrieval

If you drop something down an elevator shaft, plumbing fixture, trash chute, or heating/cooling unit, the repair person will attempt to retrieve your belongings as soon as possible. Items will be retrieved at your expense. These charges apply whether or not the repair person is successful in retrieving the lost item. Contact your information desk if you need to retrieve your personal property.


Residence Hall Release

If you are a single freshman or sophomore student (as defined in the Undergraduate Catalog), you are required to live in University residence halls. All exceptions to this policy must receive approval by submitting a petition request to UHDS in Seal Hall.

The application/contract for residence hall accommodations is a binding legal agreement. The Residence Hall Application/Contract is for one full academic year. Releases will be considered only if extenuating circumstances prevail. There must be sufficient rationale and documentation to justify a release from the application/contract.

For Fall 2014, contracts became binding March 1, 2014.

If a decision to grant a release is made, a contract breakage fee will apply and your account will be billed. Check with the UHDS office in Seal Hall for the exact fee. In addition, the terms and conditions of residency will continue to apply. The decision regarding whether or not a petition for contract release is granted and a penalty assessed will rest with the Associate Vice President for Student Services–UHDS or his or her designee. 

Rocky Dollars

All WIU ID cards have been set up with a $0 Rocky Dollars account initially. Rocky Dollars is a debit-like account that is accessed using your WIU ID card. After you deposit money into your Rocky Dollars account, you can present your WIU ID card as a form of payment to purchase goods and services on campus at the Bookstore, vending machines, laundry machines, DPS for printing and copying, and all dining locations. To add money, visit wiu.edu/myID.

Room and Access Keys

Bent or Broken Key Replacement – The Physical Plant, at the request of the residence hall staff, will replace bent or broken keys. The damaged or broken key must be turned in to the Residence Hall Clerk.

Lock Repair – If your lock malfunctions or is damaged and the situation created affects the safety and security of you and your belongings, a locksmith will repair the problem. If the repair is necessary due to a malfunction of the lock, there will be no charge. If the repair is necessary due to vandalism or misuse, there will be a charge to you or the floor, depending on the circumstances.

Lost Keys and Use of Temporary Keys – Residents are issued a key for their room and a hall access key that become their responsibility. If a resident loses his or her keys, he or she must request a lock recore through the residence hall clerk or head staff. This should be done as soon as possible to protect personal belongings and can be completed with one roommate’s request.

Room Check-Out Procedures

If you are planning to move to another room in any way or to check-out of your residence hall room, you must contact your RA or Residence Hall Clerk. When you moved into your residence hall room, you completed a Room Condition Report (RCR) form, detailing the condition of your room, and a Microfridge Condition Report (MCR), if applicable. Upon check-out of that room, you will be assessed for any damages caused to the room. It is important to be detailed and thorough when you first complete the RCR and MCR forms because you will be charged for discrepancies not recorded when you moved into the room. In addition to any damages assessed, there is a $25 fine for improper check-out. 

Room Consolidation and General Policies and Procedures

If one occupant of a double room moves, the other occupant, at the discretion of the University, may (1) purchase the room as a single unit, (2) remain in double-room accommodations with a new roommate of his or her choice, (3) be assigned to another double room, or (4) be assigned another roommate by the University. This assignment could happen at any time.

It is the policy of UHDS to offer you the option of a single room whenever possible. If you wish to have a single room, see your Residence Hall Clerk when you receive your consolidation letter. If requests for consolidation are ignored, judicial sanctions could apply.

Room/Roommate Changes

A flexible room/roommate change policy exists at WIU. During the open room change period, you may move anywhere on campus (depending on the availability of space) by contacting your Residence Hall Clerk. You will be assessed a $25 charge for an improper room change and/or the cost to recore the door lock if (1) you fail to contact your Residence Hall Clerk before making a room change, (2) you change rooms before the open room change period, or (3) you do not move by the date indicated.

Rooms becoming vacant will be offered to those students on the Single Room Waiting List. Two students living in separate rooms may move from their separate rooms into an empty room ONLY IF the completed move results in the same number of openings for single rooms for those on the waiting list or if there is no one on the Single Room Waiting List. Roommates who wish to move into an empty room anywhere on campus may do so during the open room change period at the discretion of the Complex Director.

Single- or Double-Room Accommodations

Rooms are designed for either one or two people.

Single-room accommodations are available in most buildings. Single rooms are available at an additional cost, are based on contract number priority, and are assigned based on space availability. Every effort is made to accommodate those students wanting single rooms. Those interested in a single room can log onto STARS and place themselves on the Single Room Waiting List.

A majority of students on campus choose to reside in double-room accommodations. Living cooperatively with a roommate presents both a challenge and the advantage of sharing the residence hall experience with another person. For many students, the sharing of college life with a roommate is one of their most memorable experiences of WIU.

If you have contracted for a single room and decide to live in a double room during the semester, you may do so. There is a $25 charge for the change. The $25 application/contract breakage fee may be waived if you break your application/contract at the end of fall semester and plan to live in a double room during spring semester. 

Telephone Services

Telephone access is available in each residence hall room; however, the line must be activated by the student and will include a monthly charge. If you would like to activate your phone line, simply call Western Telephone Services (WESTEL) at (309) 298-2701. If you choose to do so, the following apply:

  • On-Campus Telephone Calls – You may dial the rooms of other residents and campus offices by simply dialing the correct five-digit number (8-xxxx). Residence hall telephone numbers do not correspond with room numbers.
  • Off-Campus Telephone Calls – To reach a Macomb number, dial “7” and then the desired seven-digit number.
  • Long-Distance Calls – Long-distance, direct-dialing calls may be placed from your room phone if you have an access code issued by the WESTEL office on campus.
  • Floor Phones – On certain residence hall floors, a phone has been added for emergency or general use.

Television Services

All halls have TV outlets in each room that are connected to an SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) System. A channel guide is available on the UHDS website at wiu.edu/housing.

Use of Residence Hall Facilities

Residence hall facilities are reserved for the exclusive use of residence hall students and residence hall-related groups. These facilities are not intended for use by outside groups without the explicit permission from UHDS. The following is a list of guidelines for the reservation and use of facilities:

  • Approval of events in public areas will be granted by the Complex Director.
  • Groups of 20 or fewer floor residents can use public area facilities without permission of the Complex Director.
  • There may be no more than one guest for each floor resident in attendance.
  • All functions should be finished and cleaned up by midnight.
  •  Outside groups should contact UHDS to schedule residence hall facilities.

Termination – Regardless of approval, events may be terminated if those attending act in an unreasonable manner or if a violation of University regulations occurs. The event may be terminated by residence hall staff, hall government leaders, and/or the sponsors of the event.

Damages – Any damage done to University facilities as a result of a scheduled event will be billed to the group sponsoring the event if the individual(s) causing damage cannot be identified.

Clean-up – The sponsoring group will be responsible for cleaning up after the event and returning the area to its original condition. If clean-up does not take place, a clean-up charge will be assessed to the sponsoring group. (The charge will be determined by the amount of time required to clean the facility.)

Guest Procedure – Each resident is responsible for his or her behavior and for the behavior of his or her guests.

Withdrawal Procedures

If you feel you must withdraw from the University, you are encouraged to talk it over first with your RA and Complex Director. The goal of the RA and Complex Director is to help you make sure that leaving school is the best decision for you. If you decide to leave, even after thinking it over, you need to officially withdraw in the Student Development Office. You also must officially cancel your Residence Hall Application/Contract at UHDS in Seal Hall by signing the necessary forms. You should then contact your RA and your Residence Hall Clerk to return your room key and properly check-out of the hall by signing and dating the RCR form. All refunds will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall Application/Contract.

Refund upon Withdrawal – If you withdraw from the University, you will be assessed for room charges on a prorated basis based on the University withdrawal schedule and policy. Specific charges may be obtained by calling UHDS or consulting the University student handbook. Meal plan refunds will be calculated based on usage and may be subject to refund limits.

Dining Services

Students pay for what they eat and can eat anywhere on campus.

WIU uses a declining balance system for meal plans. When a student purchases a meal from a dining facility, the charge for that meal is deducted from his or her account.

Residence Hall Convenience Stores (C-Stores)

C-stores are located in Corbin/Olson, Lincoln/Washington/Grote, Tanner, Thompson, and The One Stop Rocky Shop in the University Union. The C-stores offer an extensive selection, including pizza delivery (except University Union location); Simply sandwiches, salads, and desserts; grocery items, including cereal, milk, lunch meat, frozen entrées, soups, canned goods, and baked goods; snack items, including candy bars, chips, cookies, and ice cream; and sundry items, including personal hygiene items and laundry detergent.

Meal Plan Information

Carry your ID card with you to all meals. The card is necessary to make purchases. Your ID must be presented in order to access your meal plan. Keep your card in a safe place so that it cannot be stolen. In order to protect your account, do not lend or give your card to anyone for any reason.

Meal Plan for Students Who Live Off-Campus

Students who live off-campus have the option of purchasing a meal plan via STARS as well. There is a minimum first-time purchase of $100 (annually). You can use this money at any dining location, and it will be billed to your student account. The convenience of charging your meals to your student account makes this option for off-campus students worth every cent.

Adding to Your Account Balance

At any point during the semester, students are able to add money to his or her meal plan account using (1) a pre-paid method (cash, check, or credit card) or (2) by charging to their University/student account. All meal plan pre-paid transactions occur at the UHDS main office, first floor Seal Hall.

All University/student account charge transactions occur on STARS or at the UHDS main office, first floor Seal Hall. All charge transactions are limited to $250/day. For students living on-campus, a maximum of $1,200 per semester can be added to their current meal plan by charging to a University/student account. For students living off-campus, a maximum of $1,800 per semester can be purchased and added to their meal plan by charging to a University/student account. Once a semester charge limit is reached, a student may only add money to a meal plan using a pre-paid method (cash, check, or credit card).

Dining Hall Guidelines

Your ID card is nontransferable and should be treated as if it were a credit card. Misuse of your card increases dining costs to all students. Violations of dining hall guidelines will be referred to Student Judicial Programs for misuse of the card for the first offense. Further judicial referral will occur for each additional violation. The following additional actions are considered inappropriate in the dining halls:

  • Permitting others to use your ID card for dining
  • Removing utensils (e.g., trays, glasses, dishes, silverware, etc.) from any dining hall
  • Throwing food or causing a disturbance in any area of the dining hall (may also result in arrest for disorderly conduct)
  • Using electronic sound amplifying equipment in the dining hall during meal hours
  • Consuming food or beverages before paying for them

Any person entering the dining hall must wear shoes or slippers with hard soles. Bare feet or socks are not permitted. A shirt must also be worn. These policies are established for health and safety reasons and are in effect throughout the school year.

Meal Plan Refund

At the end of the academic year, purchasing power of $250 or less left on each student’s account will be refunded. This refund will be applied to your student account. (The $250 is based on a student attending both semesters: $125/semester.)