Safety Procedures, Hall Security, and Safety

Emergency and Safety Procedures


Review the emergency fire evacuation information that is posted on the interior door of your residence hall room. Whenever a fire alarm sounds in any residence hall, you are required to evacuate the building immediately. Failure to evacuate is a violation of Macomb city ordinance and subjects you to arrest, possible fine, and/or disciplinary action. Every attempt should be made to close and lock your door and turn off your lights. You are encouraged to carry a towel to protect your face. State fire laws prohibit the use of elevators for fire evacuation. Additional fire safety guidelines can be found in the “Residence Hall Standards for Student Conduct” section of this planner.

In case you cannot evacuate in the event of an emergency in the residence halls, please go to the nearest area marked “Safe Refuge.” If you are unable to evacuate due to elevators being out of service during an emergency or for any other reason on a residential sleeping floor, please go to the nearest residence hall room, shut the doors and windows, and then call 911 so that emergency response teams are aware of your exact location. Please check the individual policies and procedures used in all other campus buildings; the above are only intended for the residence halls.


Tornado Watch

Tornado Watch – When atmospheric conditions are such that severe weather or a tornado could develop, a tornado watch is issued. Stay indoors, stay alert for warning sirens, and listen to your radio for updates on the weather situation.

Tornado Warning – When a funnel cloud has been sighted in the area or when radar indicates that there is a possibility of a tornado forming, a tornado warning is issued. In the instance of a tornado warning, sirens in the Macomb community will be sounded for three to five minutes with a solid blast. In each residence hall, the building alarm system will sound and announce that a “severe weather emergency has been reported.”

When a siren is heard indicating a tornado warning,

•       do not activate alarm systems.

•       use the stairwells to go to the corridor areas of the lower floors. Do not use the elevators. Do not stand near windows and exits during the warning period.

•       remain in the corridor areas (even if the building alarm system is silent) until the “all clear” is announced by the building alarm system.

•       see hall staff for your building’s specific locations.

When the “all-clear” is announced, you may return to other areas of the hall.

The community tornado sirens (not the building alarms) are tested at 10:00 am on the first Tuesday of each month. If the sirens sound at any other time, the above procedure should be followed. 


Medical Needle Disposal

For residents that need to dispose of medical needles, use of “type 2” plastic milk jugs or detergent bottles are recommended. These can then be taken to Beu Health Center for disposal. For further alternatives, please contact Beu Health Center.

Hall Security Guidelines

As a student attending Western Illinois University, you are extended the privilege of self-regulated hours to enter and leave your residence hall. Procedures for entering or leaving the residence halls are clearly outlined for each hall. You are advised to check the procedures for your living unit. Residence hall security ultimately depends on the responsible actions of each resident. Security begins with you. Your room door should be locked at all times. Do not prop open stairwell or outside doors.

For security purposes, all residence hall exterior doors are locked by 11:00 pm. If you are returning to your assigned residence hall after closing hours, you must enter using the designated door with your access key or card.

Your guests will also have self-regulated hours. You will be responsible for your guests (i.e., informing them of hall and University policies and regulations). Your guests will be admitted to the residence hall after closing only if accompanied by you or a resident of that particular living unit. Guests are to always be escorted. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in charges of trespass being filed with the Office of Public Safety (OPS). 

Reporting of Thefts – You should report all thefts, regardless of value, as soon as possible to residence hall staff and the Office of Public Safety. OPS can be reached at (309) 298-1949. 

Security Cameras

For the safety and security of residents and guests, security cameras are placed in the common areas of the residence halls. It is a violation of residence hall policy to tamper with safety equipment, including security cameras.

Missing Student Notification

If a member of the University community has reason to believe that a student who resides in on-campus housing is missing, he or she should immediately notify OPS at (309) 298-1949. OPS will generate a missing person report and initiate an investigation.