Health Education

Mission statement

Students T.A.L.K. health peer educators interact with Western Illinois University students, staff, and the Macomb community to promote healthy decision making. We provide dynamic outreach programs, informative literature, and opportunities to visit awareness tables. We are dedicated to creating non-judgmental environments where the emphasis is on knowledge to action. In becoming certified peer educators, we hope to train future leaders to continue the mission of Students T.A.L.K.

Becoming a Member

The group meets on a weekly basis to plan programming relating to health issues affecting their college peers. Education is also provided to members on: sexual health, stress management, nutrition, sleep and other topics requested by the students. Members are encouraged to develop their leadership skills by facilitating meetings. Similarly, members can participate in educational and outreach activities like facilitating workshops for residence halls, Greek housing, setting up awareness tables in the union, and contributing to Stall Talk (the health and wellness fliers hung in bathrooms around campus).

Certified Peer Education

Each member goes through a Peer Education program. The program focuses on skill development in the areas of listening, responding, making referrals, intervention, programming, and making presentations. Additional topics include understanding peer education, strategies for change in high risk behaviors, group development, and how to take care of yourself. These skills are not only important for everyday life, but also particularly useful for students entering leadership roles on campus. Students wishing to use these skills advocating for healthy lifestyles are encouraged to join Students T.A.L.K.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Samantha Klingler at Beu Health Education, 309-298-3225, or email

What Students are saying about Students T.A.L.K.

"Being a part of Students T.A.L.K. has been one of my best experiences at Western Illinois University Students T.A.L.K. has provided me the opportunity to enhance my leadership, public speaking, and program planning skills. I have helped create and present health education programs to diverse groups of students in the residence halls and Greek houses alongside other organization members. Above all, the unique friendships that develop within the group keep me coming back each semester." .....Samantha Pollock

"Once becoming a member of Students T.A.L.K., I noticed myself transforming into a better leader, teacher, and in general, a more social person. I was surrounded by motivate and outgoing people who were eager to get me involved. Students T.A.L.K. is the most rewarding organization I have been a part of here at WIU." .....Tim Meloy

Programs and Outreach Offered

Programs offered

Students T.A.L.K. offers a wide range of programs dealing with sexual health, nutrition, body image, and sleep issues. All of the certified peer health educator led programs are interactive and encourage participation. They can be modified to fit different group sizes, needs, and interests.

Examples of Programs

Reshaping Body Image, Condom Card Game, Sex Jeopardy, Deconstructing the Hook-Up, Nutrition Jeopardy, Beyond the Buzz, Healthy Lifestyle Game Show, and Breaking Down Stigmas: Mental Health

How to set up a program

Are you an R.A., student club leader, or Greek organization member? We would love to work with you to schedule a health related program. Scheduling a workshop is easy. To get started, fill out the Program Request Form. If you aren’t sure what type of program you want, need more details, or have any questions call 309-298-3225 or stop by the Health Education Office, Seal Hall East, Room 208 and we will be happy to help.