Greek Life

Leadership Opportunities

  • RPTA 490: Greek Leadership Class
    This two (2) credit hour course is open to all fraternity and sorority members who have an interest in exploring fraternity/sorority life on deeper level.  Students will have the opportunity to not only explore fraternity/sorority but also personal leadership styles and how they develop as part of a fraternal organization.  Topics will vary from semester but can include:
    • History of Fraternity/Sorority Life
    • Ritual/ritual (Fraternal values in our daily lives)
    • Risk Management
    • Leaving a Legacy
  • Rho Lambda National Sorority Leadership Recognition Society
    Rho Lambda is a honor society that recognizes the leadership and scholarship contributions of sorority women.  This exclusive group may only induct a maximum of 10% of the sorority population per year.  Membership is only available to junior and senior members of the sorority community.  For more information about Rho Lambda visit their National Website or their local PurplePost 2.0 Portal.
  • Order of Omega National Fraternity/Sorority Honor Society
    The National Order of Omega is an honor society that recognizes leadership, scholarship, and campus and community engagement of fraternity and sorority members.  Order of Omega may select up to 3% of the community annually to join this prestegious group of fraternal leaders.  Membership is only available to junior and senior fraternity and sorority members.  For more information about Order of Omega visit their National Website of their local PurplePost 2.0 Portal.
  • Officer Roundtables
    Each council sponsor officer roundtables for chapter officers throughout the semester. These roundtables offer training opportunities and the arena to share ideas and promote collaboration between chapters.
  • Fraternity/Sorority President Roundtable Schedule
    The Office of Student Activities hosts a Chapter President's Roundtable each month.  Please consult the Fraternity/Sorority Life Calendar for dates, times, and locations.
  • Regional and National Conferences
    Many students involved in fraternity and sorority life will have the opportunity to attend regional or national conventions, retreats, academies, and/or leadership schools.  These different opportunities are hosted by individual organizations or regional fraternal affiliations and will focus on personal and organizational leadership and growth.  Additionally, many of these opportunities will provide students with a chance to further connect fraternity/sorority to their everyday life.

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Thoughts on Being Greek

Why did you go Greek?

I wanted to make more friends and become a part of an organization to involve me more on campus. I also wanted to form a close group of friends because I didn't have that in high school.

-- Nicole M Capone