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Route 16 - Northwest

Part of 10/40 Routes

WIU Campus – WIU Residence Halls – City Center

Route 16 Northwest serves as both a university Carousel Route and a Municipal route.  When it leaves the North Quad, It circles campus like a Gold Bus (except USB), but when it gets to Ward street, it diverts to the City Center by turning south then running east on Jackson street, connecting campus to the rest of the city.  After it exchanges passengers with the other 10/40 buses, it returns to campus at Lincoln/Washington/Grote, then goes north along McArthur until it arrives at the North Quad at :20/:50 of each hour. 

16 Northwest provides "direct to class" service from the City Center to campus. It Runs from 7:10 AM to 6:10 PM Monday through Friday, and 10:10 AM through 6:10 PM only when WIU Campus is In Session.

How it works:

The 10/40 routes meet at the city center at :10 and :40 minutes after the hour to exchange passengers with the other 10/40, or "Corner" routes. Namely: 17 Northeast, 19 Southwest, and on the rare occasion, 11 Bomber Express. 16 Northwest provides from City Center "To Class" access to Campus, timed to get you to class on time..

Helpful Tips!

If a bus is too far off of schedule, the routes that were scheduled to meet it may be forced to move on before it arrives. Please note there is often a 25/55 bus that services your destination in the unfortunate circumstance that your bus arrives too late to transfer.

16 Northwest connect to shopping via 17 Northeast, and to the south-west residential areas including Eisenhower Tower and Bridgeway via 19 Southwest.


Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.

Monday-Friday: 7:10 AM - 6:10 PM
Saturday 10:10 AM to 6:10 PM
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center :10 :40  111
Randolph/Pierce      279
Pierce/Lafayette      234
Adams/Johnson      164
Calhoun/Charles      181
Charles/Elting      205


:15 :45 239



East Village



North Quad :20 :50  277
Brophy Hall      171
Thompson Hall :23 :53  293
Currens Hall      194
Horrabin Hall/Malpass Library :25 :55  246
Browne Hall      173
Corbin/Olson (Adams/Normal) :27 :57  190
Wendy's (Jackson/Ward)      
McDonald's West (Jackson/Clay)      
Taco Bell (Jackson/Albert)      
City Center :40 :10  111

Route Map

Map of Route 16 - northwest