Go West Transit

Route 13 - West

Part of 25/55 Routes

Route 13 West Services the Western section of Macomb.  It is a 30 minute route that runs from the City Center down West Jackson Street, then to Campus at Corbin/Olson halls, the University Library to the off campus immediate west, then the apartment complexes of  Turnberry I II and III, ending at the Drivers Licenses Facility. It then returns back via Aspen court, all of Jackson street west, then finally returns to the City Center.  13 West does run on Saturdays but it does not run when Campus is not in Session.

How it works:

The Bus Driving 13 West will alternate between driving Route13 West and Route 14 North, meeting with the other 25/55 routes at the city center to exchange passengers. Route 13 West will meet at :25 of the hour with Routes 18 Southeast,15 East as well as 14 North (Just stay on the bus), while Route 14 North will meet at :55 of the hour with 12 South15 East as well as 13 West (Just stay on the bus).

Helpful Tips!

Most of our heavily used stops have more then one Municipal route servicing it it. Look to see if both a 25/55 and a 10/40 bus takes care of your area. 

If a bus is too far off of schedule, the routes that were scheduled to meet it may be forced to move on before it arrives.  Please note there is often a 10/40 bus that services your destination in the unfortunate circumstance that your bus arrives too late to transfer.

Spoon River College is easily accessible from the Taco Bell (Jackson/Albert) stop.


Route 13 runs when WIU is in Session.

Times listed indicate minutes after the hour.

Monday - Friday
7:55 AM - 5:25 PM
9:55 AM - 5:25 PM

Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center   :55  
Taco Bell (Jackson/Albert)      
McDonald's West (Jackson/Clay)      
Dariy Queen (Jackson/Ward)      
Corbin/Olson   :00  
Brown Hall      
Malpass Library    :02  
Campus Point (University/Jana)      
Smith & Royer (University/Wigwam Hallow)      
Wigwam Hallow/Pollock      
Wigwam Hallow/Riverview      
Turnberry Village 3 (Wigwam Hallow)      
Turnberry Village 2 (Jackson/Reeveston Dr)      
Illinois Secretary of Stat's Office Drivers License Facility (John Deer Rd)       :08  
Jackson Street Market (Collins/Jackson)   :13  
Aspen Court (Jackson)    :15  
Wendy's (Jackson/Ward)      
McDonald's West (Jackson/Clay)      
Taco Bell (Jackson/Albert)      
City Center   :25  

Route Map

screenshot of Route 13 - West PDF map