Financial Aid

Guide for Completing TANF Online Forms

If you meet the following criteria and wish to be considered for a TANF Scholarship, please complete the forms as outlined below.

Scholarship eligibility criteria:

To be considered, students MUST meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Illinois resident;
  • Have income below 200% of the poverty level** and/or receive TANF;
  • Have a minor child/children (under the age of 18);
  • Be accepted and enrolled full-time (minimum 12 hours) in a post-secondary education level program/courses leading to a 1st baccalaureate degree and employment;
    • Exceptions granted to minimum enrollment requirements on a case by case basis and during summer enrollment - appeal to be submitted in writing with Student Record for the term involved, excluding summer
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a 4.0 scale;
  • Meet WIU Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines as defined by the Financial Aid Office for all students receiving financial aid each semester;
  • Achieve their degree within a maximum of 8 years (provided funding is available for continuing the program);
  • Meet the eligibility criteria each semester funding is awarded.

**2016-2017 HHS Poverty Guidelines

Size of Family Unit 48 Contiguous States & DC*** 200 % of Poverty Level
1 $ 11,880 $ 23,600
2 $ 16,020 $ 32,040
3 $ 20,160 $ 40,320
4 $ 24,300 $ 48,600
5 $ 28,440 $ 56,880
6 $ 32,580 $ 65,160
7 $ 36,730 $ 73,460
8 $ 40,890 $ 81,780
For each additional person add $   4,160 $   8,320

    Per Federal Register Notice, 1/25/16

Completing Forms for 2016-17:

When these forms are completed, you may mail them or bring them in to the Financial Aid Office. You will be notified by revised award letter if you are awarded a scholarship. REMEMBER – forms are not acceptable if dated prior to grades being posted for the last term you attended.

Complete the following to apply for a 2016-17 term:

  • All TANF forms for the upcoming 2016-17 school year will be coming soon. Please check back for updates. 

Forms require Adobe Reader. If you require the forms in an alternative format, please contact the Financial Aid office at