Disability Resource Center

Students with Temporary Injuries/Conditions

Services are available across campus for students when short-term illness or temporary injuries interfere with daily lives.

Disability Resources in the Student Development and Success Center (SDSC)

The SDSC works with students experiencing temporary injuries to facilitate continued participation in courses. To access disability services at the SDSC, please complete an Accommodation Request Form and submit any documentation of your temporary condition that is readily available to you to the SDSC in 125 Memorial Hall or by fax to 309-298-2361. Upon receiving the Accommodation Request Form,  SDSC staff will contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss and arrange services. If more information is needed, staff will work with you to get additional documentation. Below are some examples of the services that may be available through the SDSC for students with temporary conditions:

Note Taking Assistance

Some students may need assistance getting a copy of class notes due to injury of the dominant hand or arm or an extended absence. SDSC will work with the student to determine the best method for note taking assistance and facilitate arrangements for this accommodation.

Exam Accommodations

Student with certain injuries may find it difficult to take exams within the allotted time or without the assistance of a scribe or computer. The SDSC works with students to arrange appropriate exam accommodations.

Accessible Classrooms

The SDSC will arrange for accessible classrooms for students with temporary orthopedic conditions. The student must make a request for the SDSC to change classroom location and/or arrange for alternate seating.

Accessible Housing

Accessible on-campus housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please work with the SDSC to make arrangements due to an injury or illness.


The University is served by GoWest buses, part of a comprehensive public transportation system. Often times students with temporary injuries utilize the buses to navigate campus. However, in some cases, students may have difficulty getting to the bus stops. If this is the case, please discuss your eligibility for ADA Paratransit Services with a representative from the McDonough County Public Transportation (MCPT) https://www.837ride.com/.

Referrals to Campus and Community Resources

Mobility Device Rental and Repair: Macomb Medical Equipment and Supply (309-837-6161)

Beu Health Center

Special Parking

Provides special faculty/staff parking hangtags, with a physician’s recommendation. Students may see a physician at Beu Health Center for evaluation and order for special parking.

Medical referrals

Beu accepts referrals from outside physicians for pharmacy, lab testing, x-ray, cast removal, etc. Beu will also write referrals to outside physicians, physical therapists, etc. when medical need arises.

After Care

For students who need extended care beyond Beu, letters will be written upon request. After hours emergency medical attention should be requested from McDonough District Hospital.

Supportive Devices

Crutches and splints are available upon order from Beu or an outside provider. A charge may be attached on some items.

Insurance Coverage

Student insurance covers most services at 100% when provided at Beu Health Center, except for prescriptions; acute medication provisions are covered at 50%. Routine physicals are not covered. Services from outside providers may or may not be covered. Check with Beu for coverage of mental health and other special needs. Medical attention by preferred providers is covered at 90% after the deductible; non-preferred providers reduce the coverage to 80%.

Student Development and Success Center - Other Services

Student Consultation

Student Consultation is offered to students who are considering withdrawing from the University and general assistance and referral is available to students for concerns of any type or dimension.

Student Absence Policy for Student in Extreme Emergencies

If students are unable to make direct contact, SDSC contacts instructors and assist with immediate health or other personal problems that affect students’ academic performance.

Academic Concerns

Any student facing academic concerns or personal challenges of any kind can find an advocate for professional assistance at the SDSC.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

Contact Info

Student Development and Success Center
Memorial Hall 125
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455

Email: SDSC@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 298-1884
Fax: (309) 298-2361