Disability Resource Center

Documentation Guidelines

While documentation is recommended, the DRC recognizes that barriers exist and can create hardship for students with regard to presenting documentation. Thus, the DRC encourages students to submit documentation that is readily available along with the Accommodation Request Form. If such documents are not readily available or there is no prior diagnosis, determinations on individual documentation needs will be made during the welcome appointment.

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) recommends that all students provide documentation that can either verify a diagnosis and/or enhance the information available to the staff when assessing each situation. It is in the best interest of the student to provide the DRC with documentation updates as they become available. Students are also encouraged to update documentation at least every five years, as this will have personal benefit to the student and assists students who will request accommodations in other situations (e.g., at other schools, graduate school exams, licensure exams, employment opportunities, etc.).

It should be noted that documentation policies differ from one institution to another. The Disability Resource Center documentation policy is designed to fit the Western Illinois University campus climate and does not consider documentation requirements external to Western Illinois University. If a student will attend another institution after attending Western Illinois University or take a standardized test (GRE, MCAT, etc.) administered by an outside agency, the student is responsible for researching those documentation policies and should investigate requirements at least six months prior to an anticipated start date or test date. Due to these documentation differences and depending on the student's documentation on file with the Disability Resource Center, it may not be appropriate for Disability Resource Center staff to complete the required supporting paperwork to certify eligibility for standardized testing. In such cases, the staff member will explain the reasons why completing the supporting paperwork is not appropriate.

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