Disability Resource Center

Peer Mentor Program

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) works with students who have disabilities, and who have requested accommodations to access this educational environment. In addition, DRC can offer another resource for students: the peer mentor program. The peer mentor program was designed to offer an additional support network for students who feel more comfortable talking to another student about time management, organization, and best approaches in working with faculty members. Peer mentors also offer a secure social connection; students can come into the DRC office, located in 143 Memorial Hall, and speak confidentially with any of the mentors at any time.

Audrey Tonkinson

Audrey Tonkinson

Audrey is a sophomore at Western majoring in nursing and loves working and helping others. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, and swimming/diving. Audrey's email address is ar-tonkinson@wiu.edu.

Allison H

Allison Hartman

Allison Hartman is a senior, double majoring in Geology and Biology. She is an active member in many campus organizations. Allison will graduate in May and is looking forward to a long career in academia, beginning with graduate school in the Fall of 2017.


Asja Little

Asja Little is a junior Law Enforcement and Justice Administration major, who aspires to be a probation officer. She is an active member of United Voices of Western Inspirational Singers (UVOWIS) and Christian Faith Campus Ministries.