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Office of Equal Opportunity and Access
Sherman Hall, Room 203
309-298-1977 (Voice)
309-298-2565 (TTY)

Western Illinois University complies with all applicable federal and state nondiscrimination laws, orders, and regulations. The University is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity institution and affirms its commitment in all programs and activities to nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, national origin, status as a disabled veteran, or status as a Vietnam Era veteran. Contact the Affirmative Action office to file complaints of discrimination.

Beu Health Center
Corner of Western Avenue and Murray Street

The center is a well-equipped general medical clinic. Services include consultation, diagnosis, X-ray and laboratory services, a pharmacy, immunizations, allergy injections, and TB testing. Beu Health Center staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical support personnel. Appointments are encouraged, but walk-in service is available for urgent health issues. Spouses/domestic partners of registered students are also eligible to use health center services.

The Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
230 Memorial Hall

Speech-language evaluations and therapy, hearing evaluations and rehabilitation, and other services are available from the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. Any fees the Clinic may charge are the responsibility of the student.

Veterans Resource Center
Right Residence

The Veterans Resource Center provides a host of services for current and former military personnel.

Audio Information Service (AIS) and Web Streaming Service (WSS)
University Services Building, 504

Students who cannot see traditional-size print or interpret the printed page are eligible for the services. The Audio Information Service (AIS) is a regional radio reading service that broadcasts local, regional, and national newspapers, magazines, and novels over closed circuit radios. Table top models or portable radios are made available to the student at no charge. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week the broadcasts are also available through the Web Streaming Service (WSS) located at tristatesaudio.org. The WSS provides real-time audio streaming through the Internet. It is password and the user must call 298-2403 to have a password assigned. The overall mission of the Radio Information Service and Web Streaming Service is to foster equal access to printed materials for individuals in the tri-states who are blind, visually impaired, learning disabled, or physically disabled.

University Counseling Center (UCC)
Memorial Hall, 1st Floor

The UCC offers free, confidential counseling to all WIU students who face personal, academic, or career decision-making concerns. The Center employs licensed and certified professional counselors that can provide personal and group counseling as well as career exploration. They also administer tests to assess vocational, psychological, or learning issues. Throughout the year, counselors offer a wide variety of educational life enhancement programs on subjects such as time management, self-esteem, sexual assault prevention, etc. The UCC maintains a resource center complete with books, audio and video tapes, and computer programs to assist students in the learning process.

Office of Public Safety (OPS)
Mowbray Hall
911 (Emergency)
309-298-1949 (General)
309-298-1921 (Parking Services)

The OPS is a multifaceted organization providing police, safety, and parking services to the WIU community. These services include criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, medical transport and care, fire and crime prevention, safety and risk management programs, escort services, key control, motorist assistance, and other activities related to the safety and well-being of University students, faculty, staff, and visitors. All police officers are fully commissioned law enforcement officers in the State of Illinois and have full jurisdiction on the University campus and in any surrounding counties where there is University owned property. The office provides emergency medical services to the community with qualified emergency medical technicians on staff. The office also provides dusk to dawn on-campus safety escorts throughout the year.

Student Development and Orientation (SDO)
Seal Hall, Room 301

Student Development and Orientation serves as an emergency contact for students experiencing immediate health, emergency, or personal problems that may impact their academic performance. SDO staff works closely with family members, faculty, residence hall staff, counselors, health services personnel, and with many off-campus agencies. If students are absent from class due to an extreme emergency and are unable to contact instructors, SDO will assist in notifying instructors.

University Withdrawal/Exit Interview

SDO conducts exit interviews when students are contemplating withdrawing from the University to ensure students are aware of all options and alternatives when making this critical decision.

Appeal for Late University Withdrawal before Semester Ends

SDO will consider undergraduate student appeals for a late total University Withdrawal when a student has experienced extenuating circumstances beyond their control and can provide documentation that supports their appeal. Students are encouraged to contact SDO to discuss the appeal process prior to submitting an appeal. If the term has ended, appeals should be sent to the Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS) in care of the Registrar, Sherman Hall 110.

University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS)
Seal Hall

UHDS will work with students who have special housing needs on an individual basis. If you have specific housing needs, please communicate those to our office once you have been accepted to the University.

Text Telephones
Campus Information 309-298-4444
Disability Resource Center 309-298-1856
Human Resources 309-298-2565
Public Safety 309-298-2624
Emergency 911
University Union Service Center 309-298-2494

Math 100 Calculator Help

The Math Department offers online calculator help. Graphing options and a calcuator menu is included for the TI-83/TI-83Plus, TI-82, and TI-89.

Math Help Center

The math department offers extra help in math courses each semester.

Study Skills

The University Counseling Center (UCC) provides programs each semester that focus on study skills. Topics such as time management, test taking, note taking, and more are covered. Contact their office at (309) 298-2453.


Most of the tutoring offered on campus is in a group tutoring format. There are some departments that will offer individualized services. Tutoring offered through the Office of Academic Services is in a group setting.

University Writing Center

The University Writing Center is a location where students can go to work on writing projects. Tutors are available to help you proofread and edit your papers as well as work with you on every stage in the writing process, from finding a topic, through invention, research, and drafting, to revising and editing.

Campus Computer Lab Information

Major computer labs are staffed by trained student personnel.

Academic Labs

  • Stipes Hall
  • Horrabin Hall
  • Morgan Hall

Residence Hall Labs

  • Higgins Hall
  • Corbin Hall
  • South Quad (Grote Hall)

There are also smaller, unstaffed Computing Resource Centers (CRCs) strategically placed in most other campus buildings on the Macomb campus. The WIU Quad Cities campus houses a full-service computer lab.

All WIU Computer Labs and CRCs contain networked PC and Macintosh computers. Computer Labs and the Information Center (located in Stipes Hall 126) also contain specialized peripherals, such as scanners. Laser printing is standard in all labs. Students have access to a variety of discipline-specific software for Macintosh and Windows. These include popular programming languages, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphics applications, desktop publishing programs and statistical packages. Assistive software, such as JAWS and Zoomtext are also available.

Macomb Area Services

Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services (DHS/DRS)

This state agency provides services for individuals with disabilities, including assistance with the cost of college training and various support services.

McDonough District Hospital
525 East Grant

McDonough County Public Transit

West Central Illinois Center for Independent Living
440 North Lafayette Street, Macomb, IL 61455-1512
(309) 833-5766

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

Contact Info

Disability Resource Center
Memorial Hall 143
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455

Email: disability@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 298-2512
Fax: (309) 298-2361