Disability Resource Center

Other Services Provided by Disability Resource Center

Sign Language Interpreters

Students who intend to request sign language interpreters should contact DRC as soon as possible to ensure the timeliness of services. We need to ample time to employ qualified interpreters as there are no registered and few certified sign language interpreters in the Macomb area.

Accessible Classrooms & Classroom Furniture

While WIU is making progress in the area of classroom accessibility and inclusion, you may experience accessibility issues that we have not foreseen. Please contact DRC if you experience physical barriers to your classrooms. DRC will work with faculty and departments to ensure classroom access. In addition we will notify departments of the need for appropriate equipment and classroom furniture.

Accessible Housing

Accessible on-campus housing is available. Students interested in receiving housing accommodations must indicate the need for ADA accessibility on their housing application and submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form to DRC. DRC will act as the liaison with University Housing and Dining Services to assure appropriate accommodations.

Priority Registration

The University allows students with disabilities pre-registration on the first day of undergraduate registration. This offers an opportunity to select a course schedule that is conducive to extended time for exams, to schedule courses when medications are most effective, and to allow for extra travel time or break time between classes.

Before the registration date, students should take the necessary steps to clear ALL encumbrances. Students who do not see their advisors are placed on a “hold” status that prohibits registration. Meeting with an advisor as early as possible will result in benefits of priority registration.

Students have two options to complete the registration process: (1) have their advisor register for them if time and equipment is available, (2) register via computer with STARS.

Priority Snow Removal

The University designated a priority snow removal route for the campus to improve accessibility during inclement weather. The designated route follows the campus accessible walkways, bus stops, and building entrances. You can view the priority snow removal route at Snow and Ice Removal - Priority List.

Adaptive Equipment Loan

Students may check out equipment for use in classrooms. Equipment should be returned at the end of each school year to avoid charges. Equipment available for loan include a portable CCTV machine, FM Assistive Listening Systems, and Keys to Access Assistive Software Devices.

Tutoring Assistance

Disability Resource Center offers limited tutoring in math. Math tutoring is available for MATH 099 and MATH 100.

Advisor Notification

Upon a student’s request, DRC will share information regarding a student’s accommodations with academic advisors.

Policies and Procedures for Course Substitutions

The University may allow course substitutions for students receiving DRC services, based on strong documentation of a weakness in a specific area.

A student must write a letter of appeal to the Council on Admission, Graduation and Academic Standards (CAGAS). The student should send a copy of the appeal letter to Disability Resource Center. The letter of appeal should contain at least the following.

  • The student's name, address, identification number, and major.
  • The type of request.
  • An explanation of the student's disability.
  • Rationale for the request.
  • A history of any previous attempts to complete courses that satisfy current requirements.
  • Any history of similar requests granted by any college, university or high school.

A letter from DRC should accompany the student’s request verifying the disability, when they notified DRC of their disability, and an indication of how long the student has had the disability.

Action by CAGAS

CAGAS will review the student’s request and may consult with the student’s major department.
CAGAS will notify the student in writing of its decision.
If they deny the request, the student may request a reconsideration by CAGAS by writing another letter and providing any new material the student deems pertinent.
If they deny the request a second time, they will require the student to meet the University requirement. CAGAS will notify the student in writing of its decision.
If they approve the request, CAGAS will notify the student in writing of its decision.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

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Disability Resource Center
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Email: disability@wiu.edu
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