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Resume Basics

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Here are some brief tips for creating your resume.  If you are encountering trouble, please contact our office (298-1838) to arrange an appointment with a staff member to assist you.  At this appointment, you will receive guidance, input, and example resumes.  We DO NOT write your resume, we give you the tools to create your own document. Feel free to bring your laptop to the appointment.

  • There is no one-way to write a resume, create a document that fits your needs and the requirements of the job that you are applying for
  • A resume is an individualized marketing tool that is a testimonial of your accomplishments and NOT A LIFE STORY
  • Be creative! If you are a design major, make sure your resume reflects your creativity and uses graphics and color.  If you want a career in gaming/computer technologies, create an interactive online game that highlights your accomplishments.  If you are a business major, include a URL to your business development plan.
  • Include your LinkedIn, professional Twitter, or online portfolio URL's within your resume header.  This will invite the employer to view those pages and get a better understanding of your skills, competencies, and your professionalism.
  • Think about the type(s) of jobs/positions that you are interested in pursuing
  • Include any relevant experience that you may have as it pertains to the position(s) that you are applying for (i.e. Internships, jobs, coursework, etc.)
  • Target your resume to the type(s) of jobs/positions you are applying for (closely read over the job description and required qualifications)
  • Look at the resume from the "readers" point of view rather than the "writers" point of view. Imagine you are the hiring manager, if you were looking at multiple resumes, would yours stand out?
  • Be thorough and detailed and try to be brief but concise. Be proud of your accomplishments but don’t brag about them. Use the "jargon" of the appropriate career field(s)
  • Back-up your resume on a thumb drive

Paper: Use Heavy Weight (24lb) Bond Paper. The colors that work best are White, Ivory, Off-White, or Light Grey

Font: Use fonts like "Times-Roman", "Garamond", "Perpetua", or "Arial". The sizes should range from 12, 11, to 10 point

Typesetting: The most popular choice is Microsoft Word. Try to avoid using a resume template because they can be restrictive

Length: Most students just starting out will be fine with one (1) page. However, there is nothing wrong with having a two (2) page resume as long as the second page is full of relevant material and not just fluff and filler

Format: Use the "Bullet Point" (*) format rather than a paragraph to highlight your accomplishments. Use boldface, capital letters, and italics, to highlight items that you want the reader to notice