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Marketing your Greek Organizations on Your Resume

Letters Today Leaders Tomorrow #WIUGREEKLIFEIt is always recommended to include your Greek life involvement on your resume. You have likely gained valuable experience in recruitment, fundraising, leadership, communication teamwork and MUCH more. The importance of the skills you have gained from this experience can often separate you from other candidates applying for the same jobs. Even if you did not hold a leadership position, you should still include your Greek life experience on your resume because you can highlight your participation in various philanthropy and recruitment events, community service initiatives. Showcasing your teambuilding skills is another excellent idea.

Using Greek life to stand out from other candidates is key. Highlight the ethical and value based experience that a sorority or fraternity offers through the chance to work on a team. In addition,Greek life can provide a unique set of networking opportunities when you list it on your resume.

Think specifically about what skills (instead of which tasks you completed) that have allowed for personal growth. For example: did attending multiple weekly meetings help you to improve your time management skills? Were you provided with opportunities to speak in small groups, large groups? Did your public speaking skills improve? How about your written and verbal communication overall? Expand on your leadership abilities, event planning, teamwork, organizational and time management abilities.

The easiest way to explain the importance of your experience in Greek life is to provide concrete details. Talk in depth about your volunteer service, your community involvement and your leadership positions you held. Be specific about the tasks you completed.

Think about the skills you developed instead of the tasks you performed!