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This checklist is a guide of things you can complete throughout your time at WIU to help prepare you to transition into the work force after you graduate. Choose which activities you think will be beneficial to you and check them off as you complete them!


¨  Go to the WIU Student Development and Success Center Career Development (SD&SC) website ( and on the left-hand margin locate and open the Career Planning link.

¨  Start with “What Can I Do With This Major”? Look over the majors and notice all the potential career options/jobs that the major can pertain to. Choose a few titles that you are interested in possibly pursuing.

¨  Go back and open the “Occupational Outlook Handbook” (OOH) link and search the job titles that you have identified from the first link. The OOH will provide you with the details necessary for obtaining the careers/jobs that may have interested you.

¨  Go back and use the “O*Net” link to further your exploration of potential careers/jobs.

¨  Meet with a CDC staff member to discuss possibly taking a standardized inventor ( MBTI, Strong, etc. )

¨  Meet with a CDC staff member to discuss your career interests, to start building a resume, developing an on-line persona (Linked In) and starting your Leatherneck Link account. (the WIU SD&SC Career Development  Job/Internship site)

¨  Go to class, join a student organization, participate in your residence hall activities, and think about getting a summer job.

SECOND YEAR: ADVANCEMENT…it is starting to become focused…

¨  Meet with a SD&SC Career Development staff member to solidify your career plans, update your resume, and on-line persona.

¨  Up-load your resume to Leatherneck Link. (search for internships in this site)

¨  Meet with a SD&SC Career Development staff member to discuss “how to interview” for a job and/or internship.

¨  Apply for part-time jobs on and off campus.

¨  Conduct informational interviews with professionals in your chosen career field and consider job-shadowing a professional person at their place of business. (Network, Network, Network)

¨  Attend WIU Career Fairs to gain awareness on employer/company hiring and possible internships.

¨  Continue to be involved on-campus. (run for a leadership position in your organization, create an event, etc.)

THIRD YEAR: EXPERIENCE…It is time to think about graduation…

¨  Develop a plan to obtain and complete an internship or career related position over the summer.

¨  Meet with a SD&SC Career Development staff member to update your resume, on-line persona, and work on writing cover letters.

¨  Apply for part-time positions on and off campus.

¨  Complete mock interviews.

¨  Take the UNIV 390 Career Prep course.

¨  Conduct informational interviews with WIU Alumni that are in your chosen career field. (Network)

¨  Attend on-campus Career Fairs.

¨  Consider Graduate School. (your chosen career may require a Master’s degree)

FOURTH YEAR: TRANSITION…either going to work or graduate school…

¨  Research potential employers through Leatherneck Link,,

¨  If attending Graduate School, have all the necessary applications material completed.

¨  If going to work, start your job search 6 to 9 months prior to graduation.

¨  Network through your Linked In Account and in-person.

¨  Attend on-campus Career Fairs.

¨  Complete more mock-interviews as needed.

¨  Start purchasing professional clothing. (visit the Captains Closet in 125 Memorial)

¨  Plan your future financial obligations and retirement.

Contact Info

Career Development
Memorial Hall 125
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Phone: (309) 298-1884