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The Student Development and Success Center (SD&SC) Career Development staff is happy to share their expertise and the variety of quality services to help students and alumni prepare themselves for the working world. Our office provides various resources for students who are seeking full-time positions as well as internships. Our services and resources are available to students at all levels in their educational pursuits from first year students to graduate students. Individualized services that we provide include job searching skills, employer research, interviewing skills development, resume/cover letter writing and graduate school essay reviews.

In order to better serve students, we request that you contact the office before requiring a classroom of students to schedule appointments. This is to ensure adequate staffing.

In-Class Visits

To assist faculty/staff in helping their student’s fine tune their job search and work skills, our staff would welcome the opportunity to visit your classroom to discuss topics such as resume building, interviewing skills, and job/ internship searching strategies. In visiting your classroom, we can tailor the presentation of your choice to be just a few minutes or for the entire class session. We are available for presenting at evening classes as well. We can even fill the void to cover class time in your absence if preferred. Please contact us directly with your request or complete this on line request for presentation.

In the past after our office has conducted an in class resume workshop presentation, faculty have made it a requirement that their students meet individually with one of our staff members. To assist in tracking which students complete this assignment, the SD&SC Career Development staff is happy to provide you with a resume confirmation sheet or email confirming the students followed through with this appointment and any recommended changes for their documents.

Mock Interviewing

Mock interviews are an excellent way for students to get the experience they need to sell their skills and knowledge effectively to prospective employers. Our staff can present on interviewing skills and/or provide individual appointments for students to come in and practice these interviewing skills. An interview confirmation sheet can be provided by our office to verify the student’s attendance and performance at this appointment. A resume confirmation sheet is also available.

On-Campus Career Fairs

The SD&SC Career Development also hosts on-campus career fairs each semester. We encourage staff and faculty to impress upon students the benefits of attending these fairs from freshman to senior year. This is an excellent way for students to keep abreast of the skills and knowledge employers are looking for. Registered companies can be viewed in advance though our web page to help students better prepare for the experience. At the career fair, a separate sign in sheet for your class or organization can be made available upon request.

Leatherneck Link On-Line Registration System

Leatherneck Link is an on-line system where students can create an account and upload their resumes into a resume book which can viewed by potential employers. Students can also use this system to view and apply for jobs and internships that are posted through the CDC. This system is free of charge, is simple to create and allows students to access a variety of employers and jobs.

Contact Info

Career Development
Memorial Hall 125
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455

Phone: (309) 298-1884