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  • 4v4 Sand Volleyball

    4v4 Sand Volleyball

  • Flag Football Championship

    Flag Football Championship

  • Outdoor World Cup Soccer

    Outdoor World Cup Soccer

  • 5v5 Basketball Tournament

    5v5 Basketball Tournament

  • Pre-season Basketball Tournament

    Pre-season Basketball Tournament

  • 4v4 Sand Volleyball

    4v4 Sand Volleyball

  • Flag Football

    Flag Football

  • Intramural Basketball

    Intramural Basketball


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Intramural Basketball Official

The goal of the intramural sports program at Western Illinois University is to provide participants with a comprehensive array of activities, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a safe playing environment. All activities will be social, competitive, and sporting in nature while encouraging and promoting the value of fair play and a healthy lifestyle.

Intramural Office Hours

Located in the Spencer SRC, the Intramural Sports Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

The Intramural Sports staff can be reached at or by calling (309) 298-1228.

Weather & Other Notices

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View a detailed weather forecast by clicking here. If Intramurals are canceled due to weather (or other reasons), teams/players will be notified.


All participants must bring a valid WIU student or faculty/staff ID card to each and every activity. The primary purpose of this policy is to determine identity before every Intramural Sports event. Intramural staff, graduate assistants, supervisors, officials, and equipment personnel may request an ID card at any time. A WIU ID card is required to check out equipment needed for play. Students and Faculty/Staff with WIU ID cards that do not have a distinguishable photo will not be allowed to participate in any Intramural Sports event.

Who Can Play?

  • All active, fee paying students (Western Illinois University students only) are eligible to participate in the WIU Intramural Sports Program.
  • Employees and Alumni of the University who purchase a membership to the Spencer SRC are eligible to compete in Intramural Sports activities unless specifically noted in the literature for that event.
  • Spoon River College students living in Western Illinois University residence halls or off-campus are not eligible for Intramural Sports competition, even if the student has purchased a membership to the Spencer SRC.
  • A person is ineligible if he/she does not meet all eligibility requirements, or has been suspended from Intramural Sports or the Spencer SRC.
  • Individuals may play for one Men's or Women's team and one CoRec team in a given sport.
  • A player is considered a legal member of the team on which he/she first played. Therefore, if a participant plays for a second team they will be ruled ineligible and that second team shall default that game.
  • All games that a player competes in after becoming an illegal player shall be defaulted.

Intercollegiate Athlete Eligibility

  • All persons who are practicing or competing with or listed on any intercollegiate team after the team has either completed try outs or announced/published its roster are ineligible to participate in intramural sports which correspond to their intercollegiate sport for the entire academic year.
  • Additionally, all persons who practiced or completed or were listed on any intercollegiate team after the team completed try outs or announced/published its roster the previous academic year will be eligible to participate in intramural sports which correspond to their previous intercollegiate sport, however they must compete at the highest level offered.

Sport Club Eligibility

  • A Sport Club Athlete is any individual who has paid dues to a sport club, participated in club competition or is listed on the official club roster.
  • Recognized sport clubs shall not participate as a team in Intramural Sports activities corresponding to the sport played by the club.
  • The number of club players that may participate on an intramural sports team of a corresponding sport are restricted to as follows:
    • 1-4 players required= 1 club member allowed on corresponding intramural sports roster
    • 5-8 players required = 2 club members allowed on corresponding intramural sports roster
    • 9 + players required = 3 club members allowed on corresponding intramural sports roster
  • Sport Club members may compete in corresponding intramural sports activities only at the highest level of competition available.

For additional Eligibility information check out the Intramural Handbook.

Registration Procedures

Event registration is the act of signing up to participate in an Intramural Sports event. At present, nearly all events have no fee for registering for competition. Some events require participants to pay minimal fees such as green fees for golf.

How do I register myself or a team?

REGISTER HERE for Intramural Sports . Online registrations must be submitted by 11:55 PM on the last day of registration indicated for that particular event. Names and WIU ID numbers of teammates are needed to sign up a team; however, participants may be added after the roster is submitted.

Can I start a new intramural sport?

If a student is interested in starting a new intramural sport that is currently not offered, please stop by the intramural sports office to discuss this idea with the Intramural Sports Director, Dustin Van Sloten. We highly encourage students to inquire about starting a new intramural activity.

Team Names

When registering for team leagues and tournaments the captain may select a team name for their team’s designation. Please be creative. We encourage unique names with the following stipulations:

  1. No vulgar, profane or derogatory language
  2. No references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence
  3. No sexual references or innuendos
  4. No confusing terms such as BYE or canceled, etc.

If a team submits an inappropriate team name it will be changed in the Campus Recreation Office and the team captain will be notified of the change. Teams will not be allowed to compete while wearing team apparel with inappropriate names or pictures.

Captains’ Meetings

  • Attendance of a Captains’ Meeting is mandatory for all activities as indicated on the Intramural Sports Schedule.
  • A team representative must be present at this meeting.
  • Failure to attend this meeting will result in a $10 fee; the fee must be paid in the Campus Recreation Office at least 24 hours prior to the first scheduled game. Failure to comply will result in defaulting the contest.
  • Captains will be responsible for reading and understanding all Intramural Sports policies for that particular event.
  • Captains’ Meetings are required for playoffs of some sports.
  • Playoff Captains' Meetings must be attended or teams will be dropped from the playoff bracket in addition to being assessed the $10 fee.

For additional Intramural Sports Information, visit the Intramural Sports Handbook.