Beu Health Center

Termination of Insurance

The insurance for an insured person shall terminate at 12:01 am Central Standard Time on the first of the following dates:

  • On the date the policy is terminated.
  • At 12:01 am on January 31, 2011, for the fall term; on July 31, 2011, for the spring term.
  • On the last date of the current term that the insured person ceases to be a dependent as previously defined.
  • On the date of entry of the insured person into the armed forces, except for temporary duty of 30 days or less.

In the event the insured person ceases to be a student at the University and no refund has been made, insurance shall end on the same dates as shown in the paragraph above, for the session in which the insurance was effective, just as if the student had not left the University. Termination shall be without prejudice to any claim filed before the end date except when the insured person is confined in a hospital on the date coverage terminates. In this case, coverage will continue until date of discharge but not more than 30 days.