Beu Health Center

Claim Procedures

In the Event of an Injury or Sickness

  • If at school or residing locally, the insured student should report to Beu Health Center, where proper treatment is administered or a referral issued. For treatment of mental or nervous disorders or alcohol and drug abuse, contact the Beu Health Center for an appointment to determine whether a professional non-University referral is necessary.
  • If away from school, contact HealthLink PPO Network, to find a participating provider in your area, as you will lessen your out-of-pocket expense, or consult a Doctor of your choice. You can contact HealthLink at their website or by phone at (800) 624-2356.
  • For all services, a completed claim form is required. You may secure a claim form from Student Health Benefits Office at the address and phone number below or online. Each injury and sickness is a separate condition and requires a separate claim form.
  • Fill in the necessary information, and submit the claim form and itemized medical and hospital bills with diagnosis to:

Student Health Benefits Office
Western Illinois University
1 University Circle, Lower Level/Beu Health Center
Macomb, IL 61455-1390

Phone:(309) 298-1882
Fax (309) 298-2363

The completed claim form and all hospital and medical bills must be furnished to the Student Health Benefits Office within 60 days after the first date of treatment. Failure to furnish claims within the time required will not invalidate nor reduce any claim, provided the claim is furnished as soon as reasonably possible.