Beu Health Center


All benefits provided in this Plan are subject to all the conditions, limitations, and exclusions, including the deductibles, maximum benefit amounts, and other specified limitations in this brochure. An insured person is eligible to receive benefits only if the covered charges are received while the insured person is covered under this plan.

Note: Bills must be submitted by the insured student (must submit all bills from all providers including Beu Health Center) to the Student Health Benefits Office for consideration of benefits.

If, however, the insured person is hospital confined on the termination date of the policy, for a covered injury or sickness that began prior to the termination date, we will continue to pay for the eligible expenses until the earlier of the following: the covered person’s medical condition no longer continues; 30 days has elapsed from the termination date of coverage; or the policy maximum has been reached. This is considered an extension of benefits. Benefits under this plan are only available during the periods for which the student health insurance fees have been assessed.

Benefits for Insured Students

  • Lifetime Maximum Benefit: $250,000.00
  • Combined Lifetime Maximum for Mental Health, Alcohol and Substance Abuse: $20,000.00
  • Deductible per Academic Year: $200.00