Eligibility: Membership in SUAA is open to all members of the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) including current faculty-staff, annuitants and their spouses and survivors.

Membership is held through the local chapter. You may affiliate with any existing chapter.

To Join: Contact your campus chapter or call the SUAA Central Office for more information at toll-free 888/547-8473.


The SUAA Central Office staff, under the direction of the Executive Committee, provides:

  • A registered lobbyist recognized by the Governor and State legislators as the advocate for SURS retirees.
  • Coordination of the strong voice of SUAA's local chapters representing 36,000 annuitants as well as employees who will become annuitants.
  • A communication network of newsletters, legislative bulletins, a website, workshops and meetings.
  • Positive relationships with SURS, the Illinois Retirees Legislative Advisory Council (IRLAC), and other professional organizations with common concerns about annuitants' benefits.
  • Information for spouses of annuitants who indirectly receive economic benefits and, later, may receive a survivor's annuity and insurance.

Local chapter meetings and newsletters may provide:

  • Reports from SUAA meetings.
  • Information about state and local issues.
  • Presentations on timely issues.
  • Guest speakers
  • Social and recreational events and special group activities.
  • News of colleagues and campus events.
  • Directory of chapter members
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Opportunities to be involved and to contribute.