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FY2014 Competition Funded Applications

Brian Bellott Chemistry Understanding the Structure-Property Relationship via the High Temperature Synthesis of Perovskite Materials. $5,000
Lee Brice History In Small Things Unforgotten: Archaeological Finds and Hoards Reflecting the Mint at Ancient Corinth. $4,500
Shawn Meagher Biological Sciences Predicting parasitism risk in wildlife: Does the abundance of "white grub" in snails explain their abundance in fish hosts? A "metabarcoding" approach using pyrosequencing of DNA. $3,600
Hiroko Sotozaki Psychology Naming Speed, Shifting Attention and Reading Ability: Why do the rapid automatized naming tasks predict reading ability so well? $3,383
Dinesh and Amy Ekanayake Mathematics Study of alternative stable states and stochasticity for better disease control and population management. $4,702
Christopher Jacques Biological Sciences Evaluating nest site selection by southern flying squirrels in northern hardwood forests of west-central Illinois. $3,750
Jonathan Hammersley Psychology Assessing Psychological and Neurobiological Individual Differences in Cigarette and Caffeine Use. $3,574
Catherine Miller-Hunt Biological Sciences The role signaling lymphocyte-activation molecule family member 8 (SLAMF8) in wild-type Measles virus infection. $4,688
Bruce Walters Art Jazz Age film intended for PBS broadcast and exhibition at film festivals. $5,000