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FY2016 Competition Funded Applications

Sarah Haynes Philosophy The Search for Satori: Jack Kerouac's Buddhist Vision & How it Shaped Buddhism in America $2,480
Mette Soendergaard Chemistry Phage Display Selection of Peptides for Detection of Novel Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers Induced by NMD Inhibition $5,000
Catherine Miller-Hunt Biological Sciences The Role of the Axl protein in Zika Virus entry into human cells $3,750
Andrea Alveshere Sociology & Anthropology Optimization and Application of a Histamine Quantitation Protocol for Food Biochemistry and Forensic Time-Since-Death Investigations $4,400
Liguo Song Chemistry Nitrogen Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Analysis of Illicit Drugs at the Crime Scene $5,000
Li Zheng Computer Science Wear-out Tolerable Reconfiguration Techniques for Many-Core Mixed Criticality Systems $5,000
Jeremy Robinett Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration Transitioning from service member to student: an exploration of veteran experiences $2,850
Randy Hyllegard & Tamara Bories Kinesiology The Effect of Self-Awareness on the Ability to Recognize Personal Motion $1,110
Shankar Ghimire Economics and Decision Sciences Panel Study of Poverty Dynamics: The Impact of Microfinance on Rural Household Income in Nepal $4,843