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Development & Sustainability in Ecuador


Program Details
Location(s)  Quito, Ecuador 
Term   Spring 2017
Credit   GH 302, 3 sh each, Spring 2017
Class Sessions On-campus 1st 8 weeks of Spring 2017; Dates/Times TBD
Travel Dates March 9-19, 2017
Housing   Hotels & Host families
Passport Required
Program Eligibility
GPA 2.5
Grad credit Yes
Non-WIU   No
Pre-requisite member of Illinois Centennial Honors College 
Student Year Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

About Program

What you will learn

Understand the meaning and role of development in an international context.  Discover what sustainability means in today's world and its importance.  Experience social and economic challenges faced by people day after day and the role of grassroots efforts in social transformation.  Address the issue of migration as part of an economic strategy to gain access to resources, the impact of resource scarcity on the quality of life of settlers in the Americas, and the roles that different disciplines play in the resolution of local problems.

Quito, Ecuador is a city located in the middle of the Andean mountain range, endowed with an incredible array of cultural diversity and historical wealth. There you will not only be able to mingle with people from different ethnic backgrounds, but also be exposed to sites from Inca and colonial times.

Entry Requirements

Passport required (Visa required if not a US citizen)

Health Insurance

All participants must have international health insurance for the time they will be on their program. Only two options are approved to meet this requirement:

  • WIU student health insurance
  • A supplemental policy (Patriot Travel Medical) purchased through IMG.
Health Precautions

Walking - Expect to walk 3-5 miles per day.  It is not consecutive but scheduled throughout the day.  Walking will sometimes be over uneven terrain and up/down flights of stairs.  You will also be responsible for moving your own luggage. 

Environmental - Ecuador has active volcanoes, including areas around Quito.  Time spent in and around Quito is high altitudes (9,400 feet above sea level).  Allow time to adjust to the different conditions. Zika outbreaks have been reported in Ecuador.

Dietary - Some meals are included in the program cost. Contact either Dr. Pedro Bidegaray or Kim McDaniel if you have food allergies or other dietary restrictions.  

Costs & Dates

Estimated Cost* $3600 based on 10 participants 
Included in the program Round trip airfare from Chicago, in-country transportation, lodging (double/triple occupancy), entry fees to scheduled sites, some meals
Application Deadline November 28, 2016
Application fee $45 due December 16, 2016
Non-refundable deposit $800 due December 16, 2016
Final payment* $2800 due January 31, 2017 

* Costs are subject to change based on student enrollment

Cancellations and Refunds
  • Group cancellation (for all participants) All recoverable costs will be refunded (full refund not guaranteed).
  • Individual cancellation The paid non-refundable deposit is your commitment to participate in the Program and arrangements will be made on your behalf. Withdrawals can be considered but there is no certainty about refunds. An individual withdrawal should be submitted in writing to Study Abroad and Outreach, attention Kim McDaniel. 
Important Dates

Class sessions: On-campus 1st 8 weeks of Spring 2017; Dates/Times TBA

Travel: March 9-19, 2017

Pre-departure meeting: TBA, Spring 2017


Credits offered
  • GH: 3 sh, Spring 2017
Class sessions

Active class participation, including contribution to discussions and attendance, is expected in all phases of the Course.  Students are responsible for completing pre-departure assignments including readings and discussion participation, attendance and active participation during on-site visits, guest lectures and activities, and post-return assignments (see Tentative itinerary and syllabus for more information).  Questions about course content should be directed to Dr. Pedro Bidegaray.

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Dr. Pedro Bidegaray, Leader
Horrabin Hall 8

Kim McDaniel, Advisor
Horrabin Hall 8


Informative Sessions

September 21st 5pm 
Honors College in Library