Office of the Registrar

Registration Information

What should I do first?

Sign on to STARS to find out your earliest date and time for registration.  STARS will also inform you of any encumbrances or holds.  All holds must be cleared prior to registration.


Before you can register, you must see your academic advisor. Most on-campus undergraduate students have an advisor hold on their record. Your advisor will help you plan your schedule and will remove the hold or give you a registration permit number so you can remove the hold yourself on STARS.


Most graduate students do not have an advisor hold and do not need a registration permit number. If you are in a degree program, you should see your academic advisor.

When can I register?

Summer/Fall advance registration begins in April and Spring advance registration begins in November. You may sign on to STARS to find out your earliest date and time to register. STARS will also display any encumbrances or holds you may have along with the office to contact for clearance.

What if I can't register at my assigned time?

You may register on or after this date and time. You do not need to re-schedule another time.  Don't forget that if you are away from campus, you can still register through STARS on the WEB.

How do I register?

Access the STARS registration system from the internet at:
Or, your academic advisor may be able to assist you with your registration.

What if I need help?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (309) 298-1891.

How can I make changes to my schedule?

Consult with your academic advisor before making any significant changes to your schedule.  You may make schedule changes on STARS or contact your academic advisor for assistance.