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Supply Chain Management

As a Western Illinois University Signature Program, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Bachelor of Business (B.B.) degree is designed to provide undergraduate students with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable organizations to more effectively plan, organize, and control the flow of goods and services into and out of the organization in support of customer needs and requirements. This process consists of sourcing inbound raw materials, parts, components, and finished goods for internal use to create goods and services destined for delivery to end users and/or consumers. WIU’s SCM program offers excellent internship and placement opportunities with a wide variety of regional, national, and multinational companies, as well as not-for-profit and government logistics organizations.

Upon graduation, SCM students typically pursue careers as transportation coordinators, buyers, warehouse and distribution center supervisors, logistics coordinators, production planners, inventory specialists, transportation brokers, and numerous other related fields. WIU’s SCM program is one of only three such undergraduate programs in the state of Illinois and one of only 39 AACSB-accredited programs nationally.

SCM students typically take a variety of courses in broad and diverse subjects such as transportation management, business negotiations, global supply chain management, operations management, warehouse management, purchasing and supply management, international business, total quality management, and marketing. A business internship is also required of all SCM majors. All SCM courses address a broad spectrum of management issues in a global society and marketplace. The SCM major and minor are offered on both the WIU-Macomb and WIU-Quad Cities campuses.

Acceptance as a declared SCM major requires the completion of at least 60 s.h. and, except as provided below, at least 12 s.h. completed at WIU with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50 at WIU. The student must have also completed ACCT 201 and 202, ECON 231 and 232, MATH 137, and STAT 171 (or equivalents). Students not yet eligible to declare the SCM major may enroll as a pre-business SCM student. Enrollment as a pre-business SCM student does not guarantee acceptance into the declared SCM major as a candidate for the B.B. degree.

Transfer students who have earned 60 s.h. prior to matriculation at WIU with a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 and completed ACCT 201 and 202, ECON 231 and 232, MATH 137, and STAT 171 (or equivalents) will enter as declared SCM majors.

Pre-business SCM students who have earned 60 s.h., but are otherwise ineligible to declare the SCM major, will be limited to a maximum of 29 s.h. of business courses and may be removed from business courses.


Undergraduate classes in WIU’s SCM program are delivered using the academic and practitioner expertise of both full-time permanent faculty holding an accredited Ph.D. degree in supply chain management and associate faculty who have earned a graduate degree coupled with substantial professional experience in the field. This combination provides SCM students with excellent analytical skills and an exposure to real-world situations, tools, and techniques.


A number of scholarships from a variety of sources are available on both a competitive and need basis. Detailed information on scholarships is available from the WIU-Quad Cities Advising Office, Financial Aid Office, or the WIU-QC website at: www.wiu.edu/qc/scholarships/.

For More Program Information

For additional information on the WIU Supply Chain Management program and undergraduate major, contact Dr. Gordon Rands, Interim Chairperson for the Department of Management and Marketing at (309) 298-1535 or GP-Rands@wiu.edu.

Special Opportunities

The WIU College of Business and Technology is fully accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which assures that students receive a rigorous, up-to-date professional education. AACSB International is the largest and most prestigious accrediting organization for management education in the world and offers assurance to students and parents that the accredited business school provides a high-level business education.

The Department of Management and Marketing and the College of Business and Technology strongly encourage student involvement with internship programs with public and private business organizations and industry. Along with credit earned toward graduation, these internships provide the student with invaluable professional experience and frequently result in full-time employment upon graduation. The SCM program is structured to allow students to complete two internships prior to graduation.