Quad Cities Campus

Quad Cities Facilitation and Implementation Team (QC-FIT)

Quad Cities Facilitation and Implementation Team (QC-FIT)

QC-FIT is charged with planning and coordinating all aspects of the physical move to the Riverfront Campus. The team consists of individuals who will coordinate selection and procurement of Riverfront technology, equipment, and furnishings. The team will also implement plans related to campus signage, physical move, and other logistics.

Throughout the planning process, QC-FIT will provide opportunities for input from QC Faculty, Staff, and Students. QC-FIT will post planning documents and other information in QC Room 231. The QC community is invited to stop by that room whenever it is open to view these documents.

Members of QC FIT Team touring future Riverfront Campus

QC-FIT members:

  • Kristi Mindrup, Co-chair
  • Bill Brewer, Co-chair
  • Andrea Allison
  • Suzanne Bailey
  • Amanda Bergeson
  • Chris Brown
  • Karin Chouinard
  • Christopher David
  • Josh Hirst
  • Debbie Lee
  • Jim Patterson
  • Lois Retherford
  • Dan Romano
  • Alison Shook
  • Jeanette Thomas
  • Tammy Werner
  • Steve Whan
  • Curtis Williams