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Quad Cities Initiatives works with a variety of programs throughout the academic year. We offer youth programs to augment student learning during the summer break months.

Past Events Include:

Muggles in a Wizard’s World: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

July 2017  |  Grades 5-7

Participants began their Harry Potter journey with the first book in the Harry Potter series, "Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone." Through art, science, writing, and literature, 24 students discovered and delved into the Harry Potter Series. Students played Quidditch and were taught chess by a member of the Quad Cities Chess Club as well as learned about J.K. Rowling throughout the week, taking full advantage of an atmosphere of learning and fun. In addition to lunch and instructional materials, each participant received a copy of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," and a WIU-QC book bag to take home.

This program will be offered in summer 2018 and will include an exploration of "The Chamber of Secrets," allowing this year's participants and any future participants who did not attend this summer an opportunity to be a part of the Harry Potter journey at WIU.

Math on the Mississippi

July 2017  |  Grades 5-8

This co-educational program was offered for students in grades 5-8 in the local Quad Cities community interested in learning math and science in an interactive learning environment. Each morning, 24 participants began their day with brain teasers or an excursion into the local area. A science concept such as pressure, indirect measurement, force, or buoyancy was introduced in the day’s lesson. Excursions included a visit to Lock & Dam 15 in which participants were given a tour by members of the Corps of Engineers and were able to see the progress of a barge going through the lock system. In addition, they paddle boarded as part of the buoyancy section. Each participant received a 3D-printed sun dial to test and take home with them as well.

Due to the demand into the program, the university will offer two sections of Math on the Mississippi, one for grades 4-6 and a second for grades 6-8 for summer 2018. Parents of 6th graders will have the option of choosing which week/section is most appropriate for their son or daughter.

Words & Music: The Art of Songwriting

June 2017  |  Grades 9-11

This program was designed for high school students in 9th through 11th grade. Participants in the program examined the A, B, Cs of song structure as well as rhyme schemes, riffs, bridges, lyric writing, melody, and music. Participants were  tasked with writing a song by the end of the week.  The program offered off-campus field trips, including a visit to Daytrotter Recording Studio. The program included a final performance of student work to the university community which was attended by faculty and staff.  For students who did not wish to sing, instructors performed their work for them. Learn more

A Buyer’s Toolbox: Tools Every Buyer Should Know How to Use

Iowa 80 Group & Cat Scales

WIU-Quad Cities, QC Complex & Remote Locations
May 2017

Honey Zimmerman

This program was offered as a professional development workshop for 30 employees of the Iowa 80 Group & Cat Scales.  Topics within the workshop included Quantity Discount Analysis, Category Portfolio Matrices, Spend Analysis, Vendor Relationship Management, and Producer Price Index. This workshop was offered on a contract basis with the Iowa 80 Group & Cat Scales. Participants attended this workshop on the WIU-QC Campus and offsite through remote technology connections to three Iowa 80 & Cat Scales locations.

 Mindfulness for Teachers & School Personnel PDF File

March 2017  |  WIU-Quad Cities, Riverfront Hall

Presenters:  Andrea Hyde  |  Lindsay Meeker  |  Ashley Ehrecke

“Mindfulness for Teachers and Student Personnel” was designed as an experiential program to give teachers the tools to help students focus their attention during class and improve behavioral interactions in the classroom. The program included a training on activities for students, information on research, and resource materials.

Program instructors included Andrea Hyde, an associate professor of educational studies at WIU-QC. Dr. Hyde’s policy and curriculum work involve mind-body practices in teacher education and professional development. Additional instructors included Ashley Ehrecke, a graduate student at WIU and Lindsay Meeker, an ESL teacher in the Moline School District who uses mindfulness exercises with her students in the classroom.

Illinois public school teachers and others were eligible to receive credit for 4 professional development hours. Participants received professional development hours, documentation of hours, learning materials and workshop attendance. In addition, all attendees received access to a shared Google folder with research studies, review of research, information on programs, training opportunities and free resources for practicing and teaching mindfulness exercises.


Law Enforcement & Justice Administration (LEJA) Institute
Shanghai Customs College

July 2016

Presenters: Members of LEJA, political science and various other departments

As part of WIU’s commitment to international education and understanding, the University offers specially designed international programs for students and professionals visiting from other countries. This international tailored-made program was designed for visiting customs college students from Shanghai Customs College. Approximately 29 students including three chaperones attended a three-week series of morning and afternoon courses designed to enhance the understanding of Chinese students regarding the American legal system, homeland security, the U.S. economy, supply chain management, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

As part of the program students took part in team-building exercises, a dance class, and various excursions in the state, including outings in the Quad Cities community, Springfield, and the Chicagoland area. Students attended a baseball game, visited the Figge Art Museum, the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library in Springfield, toured the Moline Police Department, and shopped in the Chicagoland area.

For international groups interested in creating a tailor-made program for their students or professionals, please contact James Rabchuk at JA-Rabchuk@wiu.edu or call 309-762-9481.

Shanghai Customs College Students

Shanghai Customs College Students

Shanghai Customs College Students

Shanghai Customs College Students

Shanghai Customs College Students

Shanghai Customs College Students

Shanghai Customs College Students

Shanghai Customs College Students