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Dual Admission

What is Dual Admission?

With dual admission, you gain admission to both a community college and WIU-QC simultaneously and receive customized academic advising. In addition to cost savings, there are many advantages to Dual Admissions. Students become familiar with the WIU transfer staff and academic advisers who enable them to feel more comfortable with the transfer process. Also, students are able to view their entire degree plan at the onset of their college career.

Currently, 27 community colleges providing Dual Admissions with WIU. Link to their websites to investigate education solutions that fit your education goals.

Dual Admission Community Colleges

Transferring General Education Courses

Illinois developed an agreement (the Illinois Articulation Agreement, IAI) that assists students transferring general education course work between Illinois schools. This link will open in a new browser window Learn more about IAI and plan a transfer worksheet.

To view each community college's transfer guides, go to This link will open in a new browser window WIU's Transfer Handbook website.