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Freshman Cohort

What is the “Freshman Cohort”?

Student at Riverfront CampusStudents in the Freshman Cohort will have the opportunity to meet classmates from other states and countries, collaborate on projects in and out of the classroom, and make personal friendships and professional connections that will last four years, and beyond!

Why WIU-Quad Cities?

WIU-Quad Cities offers excellent and affordable academic programs, and now offers general education courses for the Freshman Cohort that will prepare you to achieve your academic and career goals. Western Illinois University is nationally recognized by the Princeton Review and U.S. News and World Report as a top tier institution.

What majors are available through the cohort?

Student at Riverfront CampusThe majors that are available for students to be a part of the full four year experience at Western are: Engineering, English, Liberal Arts, and Communication.

**Other majors may be able to be done through this program, but might include online classes or minimal number of courses picked up through local community colleges - call (309)762-1495 for details.

What are the “Freshman Cohort” requirements?

Student at Riverfront CampusTo be eligible for admission to the “Freshman Honors Cohort"  and the Western Commitment Scholarship, you must have a 3.0 Grade Point Average and have a minimum score of 20 on the ACT or minimum SAT of 940. If your GPA is higher than 3.0 and ACT is higher than 20 or SAT is higher than 940, you may be eligible for a higher Commitment scholarship. See graph and detailed information about Western Commitment Scholarships

Students who do not meet these eligibility requirements, but meet regular admission standards (18-23 ACT, 2.63-3.34 high school GPA) should consider the Linkages program that can link them into Western as a freshman while partnering with the local community colleges.

**Scholarship Levels and Additional Cohort Information**


WIU-Quad Cities Admissions CounselorsAdmissions Counselors at WIU-Quad Cities are available to answer your questions and guide you through the admissions experience.

Call (309) 762-1495 and ask to speak with Emily or Kassie today!

Linkages Program

The opportunity to start at WIU-QC as a freshman is now a reality through a partnership program through select community colleges and WIU.

How does this work?

A student will enroll in courses at WIU and courses with a partnering community college for the first two years. Each student will have individualized advising which will include a semester-by-semester plan they will follow to ensure courses taken at the community college not only transfer, but also align nicely within a four year degree plan.

Student at Riverfront CampusThis is a great way for a student to begin their college journey and be able to remain in the Quad Cities for the completion of their bachelor's degree.

Most majors are available through the linkages program. Please contact WIU-QC Admissions (309) 762 - 1495 or email WIU-QC-Admissions@wiu.edu for more information.

How do I apply?

1. Fill out an undergraduate admissions application online.

2. Send in ANY transcripts. This includes high school and any college if you have earned dual credit.

3. Send in ACT scores if not listed on your high school transcript.

Admissions Requirements

Students must meet freshman admissions requirements which are:

  • 2.63 - 3.34 High School GPA
  • 18 - 23 ACT composite score

Contact the WIU-QC Admissions office (309) 762-1495 for questions and details.

Some programs will have additional admission requirements such as Elementary and Early Childhood Education.

Program Benefits
  • Benefit significantly from the WIU Cost Guarantee. Beginning as a freshman just by taking the one course will lock in that starting year tuition and fee rate for the next four years (tuition and fees will not increase for four years) This is a savings of over 15% by graduation!
  • Earn an Associate’s degree from a partner community college and a Bachelor’s degree from WIU in a seamless manner, with supportive academic and career advisement throughout.
  • Experience the academic excellence, educational and co-curricular opportunities, and personal attention that both institutions provide.