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Technology & Instructional Services

Jeff Calhoun, Director, University Technology-Quad Cities

Jeff Calhoun

Director, University Technology-Quad Cities

Office Phone: (309)762-9481
Email: JR-Calhoun@wiu.edu

Karin Chouinard, Instructional Technology Systems Manager

Karin Chouinard

Instructional Technology Systems Manager

Office Phone: (309)762-3999 Ext. 62314
Email: KK-Chouinard@wiu.edu

James J Herzig ,  Office Support Associate

James Herzig

Office Support Associate

WIU-QC Academic Affairs
Office Phone: (309)762-9481
Email: JJ-Herzig@wiu.edu

Jonathan Mckenna, Data Processing Equipment Technician II

Jonathan Mckenna

Information Technology Support Associate

Office Phone:(309)762-9481 Ext. 62234
Email: JR-Mckenna@wiu.edu

Emily Pitz, Office Support Specialist

Emily Pitz

Office Support Specialist

College of Arts & Sciences
Office Phone: (309)762-9481 Ext. 62245
Email: EI-Pitz@wiu.edu

Thomas Rosner, Consultant, Research & Instruction

Thomas Rosner

Consultant, Research & Instruction

Office Phone: (309)762-9481 Ext. 62279
Email: TO-Rosner@wiu.edu

uTech Support Center

Contact Information


  • From on campus dial 82704
  • From off campus call either 309-762-3885 or 309-298-2704, to avoid long distance charges, depending on your location

Email: SupportCenter@wiu.edu

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