Quad Cities Campus

Department of Counselor Education
(MS.Ed. Program)

Dr. Anne Gregory, Chairperson, Dept. of Counselor Education

Dr. Anne Gregory

Chairperson, Dept of Counselor Education

Office Phone: (309) 762-1876
Email: AE-Gregory@wiu.edu

Dr. Carrie Alexander-Albritton, Assistant Professor

Carrie Alexander-Albritton

Assistant Professor

Office Phone: (309) 762-3999 Ext. 62268
Email: C-Alexander-Albritton@wiu.edu

Matthew Beck

Matthew Beck


Office Phone: (309) 762-3999 Ext. 68036
Email: MJ-Beck@wiu.edu

Diane Heisner, Office Manager

Diane Heisner

Office Manager

Office Phone: (309)762-3999 Ext. 62292
Email: DI-Heisner@wiu.edu

Dr. Rebecca Newgent

Rebecca Newgent


Office Phone: (309) 762-3999 Ext. 62273
Email: RA-Newgent@wiu.edu

Dr. Holly Nikels, Professor

Holly Nikels

Professor, Program Coordinator

Office Phone: (309)762-3999 Ext. 62272
Email: HJ-Nikels@wiu.edu

Dr. Leslie O'Ryan, Professor

Leslie O'Ryan


Office Phone: (309)762-3999 Ext. 62239
Email: LW-O-Ryan@wiu.edu

Dr. Tiffany Stoner-Harris, Assistant Professor

Tiffany Stoner-Harris

Assistant Professor

Office Phone: (309)762-3999 Ext. 62267
Email: TD-Harris@wiu.edu

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