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Internship Partnerships in the Quad Cities Area

An internship can be an excellent way for students in the arts and sciences to develop additional skills, gain work experience in new contexts, and apply classroom lessons within a professional environment. For a growing number of students, our internship partnerships with various Quad Cities area organizations are providing fascinating learning opportunities, very attractive résumé material, and windows to careers that might have otherwise remained distant. There are many worthwhile articles about the value of internships, but here is one example from  The Chronicle of Higher Education .

The Quad Cities area internships below are open to applicants from both WIU-QC and WIU-Macomb. Please contact your advisor and/or Dr. Everett Hamner (e-hamner@wiu.edu) with additional questions. Please note especially that various academic programs at WIU have their own requirements and application forms for seeking academic credit from internships.

One last thought: it is critical that an internship be a three-way partnership between a student, the host institution, and the university. If a student has any doubt about the fairness or appropriateness of work expectations or conditions in a given internship, it is important that they initiate a discussion with their university mentor as soon as possible. Federal regulations for internships applicable under The Fair Labor Standards Act are available here at the U.S. Department of Labor website.

Organizations with established internship programs ready to take applications for specific positions in Summer and Fall 2016

Organizations interested in discussing future internships with qualified WIU-QC students

Additional QC area organizations with which we have had contact about internships and we can help students pursue further

Child Abuse Council of the Quad Cities: Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum Facilitator

    • Application deadline: rolling
    • Key activities: “Talking about Touching” presentations in elementary school classrooms (about appropriate and inappropriate physical interaction)
    • Location: Rock Island mainly, but also other QC areas
    • Hours: flexible, but 4-15 hrs/wk most common
    • Required skills/qualifications: openness to working with children (federal background check required), mobility (driving between schools)
    • Please consult additional internship description (.docx) page (with application instructions)

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Congressional Office of Cheri Bustos (U.S. House of Representatives)

  • Application deadline: rolling
  • Key activities: writing letters to constituents; reading local and national newspapers and other media; answering telephone calls; specific project assignments; occasional meetings with Congresswoman Bustos
  • Location: Rock Island office and QC area
  • Hours: very flexible, but 10 hours/week minimum
  • Required skills/qualifications: strong writing skills, customer (constituent) service abilities, professionalism
  • Resumé, cover letter, and interview required of all applicants
  • Please see NEW internship description.

Please send to:

Lucie VanHecke, Constituent Advocate
Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17)
100 19th St., Suite 101
Rock Island, IL 61201
lucie.vanhecke@mail.house.gov . 

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Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center

Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center is a nonprofit located in Dixon, Illinois. Established in 2003, our mission is to serve cancer patients, their families and caregivers with programs and services that focus on support, wellness and education. All our services are free. Home of Hope has two internships opportunities.

Media Market Intern

The intern will assist the Executive Director in updating and designing all aspects of Home of Hope's marketing imprint. This position is flexible and offers a broad range in experience opportunities.

The ideal candidate is highly motivated and energetic with a passion in helping people. Applicant should possess the following attributes:

  • Excellent professional written and verbal skills
  • Creative
  • Detail Oriented
  • Flexible
  • Challenge Seeker
  • Familiarity with office procedures (ie. budgets, programs, computer technology)
  • Accustomed to public speaking presentations
  • Knowledge of event planning, marketing, social media


  • Observe working aspects of NPO success utilizing limited resources
  • Gain experience creating a long-term fund development plan and marketing calendar
  • Plan and collaborate funding event with Home of Hope staff and volunteers
  • Develop/create marketing materials for Home of Hope programs and services
  • Craft fresh, compelling content to share with donors
  • Much more - the intern will work closely with our Executive Director and other team leaders in a range of situations
Program Specialist Intern

The Program Specialist intern is responsible for creating and delivering events, services, and activities designed to serve the needs of the clients of Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center. This position involves developing and delivering current and new events/programs incorporating needs-based initiatives. The Specialist executes and evaluates activities, making adjustments when necessary.

He/She will work across departments to build and maintain a favorable brand/public image for Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center by planning, implementing, communicating, and promoting the organization’s programs, services, and engagement activities in the surrounding community.

Events and services include: monthly programs, health and well-being, discussions, activities relevant to the mission of Home of Hope.

Applicant should possess the following attributes:

  • Emphasis on excellent written and oral communication skills with emphasis on creating and writing collateral material – strategic plans, promotion plans, social media interactions, post program reporting, etc
  • Demonstrated proficiency in various computer software programs including Microsoft Office 
  • High level of creativity and program planning skills 
  • Highly organized, accountable, flexible, and self-motivated with the ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Must have valid driver’s license and clear driving record  
  • Polished and professional 
  • Self-starter with attention to detail 
  • Ability to interact with various groups including board of directors and volunteers 
  • Must possess good judgment and be able to work independently, while keeping supervisor informed 
  • Must be high energy, possess can-do spirit, and be customer service oriented 
  • Diplomacy and discretion to sensitive and confidential issues 
  • Must be solid team player with optimistic attitude and positive influence on organizational culture


  • Plan, schedule and organize psycho-social oncology programs including communication, promotion, budgeting, volunteer coordination and post event requirements
  • Prepare and present to Executive Director a quarterly calendar of programs and events
  • Effectively communicate programs/events and services through social media, e-blast systems such as EventBrite and Constant Contact and other software tools
  • Measure program for effectiveness in meeting Home of Hope’s mission
  • Maintain positive working relationships with personnel and other partner organizations to maximize resources and visibility of the organization. This includes attendance at regular meetings and events as identified by ED
  • Responsible for and assisting with ordering programming supplies/needs
  • Design publications that promote programs and services to clients and community (ex: event flyers, social media postings, corporate/community partner correspondence, event briefs) 
  • Gather testimonial feedback, photos, media clips, and other items that tell the story of programs and services to be used for reporting to Board of Directors
  • Make regular updates to the organization website with current program information
  • Utilize a dedicated volunteer corps to support programs, events and other unique opportunities organization-wide
  • Work closely with staff to plan, promote, carry out, and maximize program goals
  • Other duties as assigned

Candidates interested in either internship may contact:

Joan Padilla, Executive Director
(815) 288-4673

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Illinois Legislative Staff Internship (paid post-bachelor’s degree 1-year position)

  • Application deadline: March 1
  • Key activities: provide research support, analyze budgets, write and edit newsletters
  • Location: Springfield
  • Hours: full-time between August 16, 2014 and June 30, 2015, but with time for graduate studies (and 9 credits included)
  • Required skills/qualifications: must graduate with Bachelor’s degree by Aug. 16, 2014; minimum 3.0 gpa
  • For more info and application materials, see http://ilsip.uis.edu

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Putnam Museum

Grant-writing Intern
  • Application deadline: rolling
  • Key activities: writing, editing, marketing, institutional representation at professional events
  • Location: Davenport
  • Hours: flexible, but minimum 4 hours/week
  • Required skills/qualifications: knowledge of Microsoft Office software, exceptionally strong written communication skills, individual initiative
  • Applications consist of cover letter and résumé addressed to:

Betsy Matt Turner, Special Assistant to the President for Mission Advancement
Putnam Museum
1717 W. 12th St.
Davenport, IA  52804

Education Intern
  • Application deadline: rolling
  • Key activities: This is a professional position supporting interpretation and presentations for the museum visitor and program support for the education department.  The Education Intern will use informal education techniques to assist in delivering interpretations and demonstrations that engage and excite visitors of a variety of ages in multiple settings.  Utilizing research capabilities, public speaking and presentation skills as well as knowledge of exhibitions, history and STEM concepts, the Intern will support programming throughout the museum. The Education Intern is flexible, enjoys variety, and will assist with other duties involved in reaching Strategic Goals set for the museum’s Education department.
  • Location: Davenport
  • Hours: flexible
  • Required skills/qualifications: see activities.
  • Applications consist of a cover letter and résumé addressed to:

Nichole Myles, Vice President of Education
Putnam Museum
1717 W. 12th St.
Davenport, IA  52804

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Rock Island Argus-Dispatch Internships

  • Applications will be given consideration as soon as they are received. Application deadline: February 15. Internships will be awarded soon after. Internships run for a period of approximately three months, but we are flexible as to starting and ending dates. If you plan to take a vacation or to travel, we ask that you do it at the beginning or end of the internship.
  • Positions available:
    • Reporter working the Metro Desk
    • Copy Editor/Page Designer on the Copy Desk
    • Photographer/Multi Media
  • Interns are expected to function as regular staff members, although they may need more guidance and direction than regular staff. This is not an internship where students should expect to shadow someone else; they are expected to make daily independent contributions.
  • Location: main office of The Dispatch and the Rock Island Argus in downtown Moline
  • Hours: generally 9 to 5, but some nights and weekends
  • The internships pay $336 per week
  • Required skills/qualifications: excellent writing, editing, and/or graphic design skills; past reporting experience is very helpful (most applicants have at least some)
  • Résumé, references, work samples and a cover letter explaining what you hope to gain from an internship at our papers. We will attempt to place you in the slot for which we believe you are best qualified based on your experience and work samples.
  • Send applications to:

Roger RuthhartManaging Editor
Moline Dispatch Publishing Co. L.L.C.
1720 Fifth Ave.
Moline, IL 61265

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Development and Communications Intern
  • Application deadline: rolling
  • Key activities: interviewing, writing, marketing, fundraising, project management
  • Location: WIU-QC Riverfront campus 
  • Hours: flexible, but minimum 4 hours/week
  • Required skills/qualifications: knowledge of Microsoft Office software, preference for openness to working with children (background check may be required), preference for video/web capabilities
  • Please consult additional internship description and application pages
  • Cover letter, résumé, and application page (Intern Information Sheet) should be addressed to:

Jaime Lange, Chief Development Officer
WQPT Quad Cities PBS
3561 60th St.
Moline, IL  61265

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Organizations interested in discussing future internships with qualified WIU-QC students

Bethany for Children and Families

  • Application deadline: rolling (will discuss possibilities with individual students)
  • Key activities: assistance with grantwriting
  • Location: Moline, Davenport
  • Hours: flexible
  • Required skills/qualifications: professional/technical writing skills, interest in learning about and enabling social services

Interested students should contact:

Jenny Hager, Vice President of Marketing and Development
Bethany for Children and Families
1830 6th Ave.
Moline, IL  61265

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Moline Public Library

  • Application deadline: rolling (will discuss possibilities with individual students)
  • Key activities: development of public engagement programs; children & youth sections have particular needs
  • Location: Moline
  • Hours: flexible
  • Required skills/qualifications: full internships in adult and young adult services are usually limited to students currently pursuing or soon beginning a Master’s of Library Science program; that degree plan is less important for student interns in children’s section

Students with interests in library internships or related opportunities in librarianship should contact:

Lisa Powell Williams, Adult Services Coordinator
Moline Public Library
3210 41st St.
Moline, IL  61265

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Additional QC area organizations with which we have had contact about internships and we can help students pursue further

  • Alpha Village Gardeners
  • The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend
  • Family Resources
  • Figge Art Museum
  • High Tech Signs
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • John Deere
  • The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
  • Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce
  • Riverbend Foodbank
  • Rivermont Collegiate
  • Rock Island Arsenal
  • U.S. Bank
  • Vista International Operations

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