Quad Cities Campus

The Portfolio

The Honors Portfolio documents the mentored honors experiences (MHE) engaged in as the student completes the WIU degree. MHE can involve participation in events or activities that revolve around a common theme, that foster research opportunities, and that promote professional development.

An Honors Student will take a 1 s.h. course on the creation and maintenance of the portfolio within the first year of being admitted to the honors program.

The portfolio must contain at least 10 - 12 units of mentored honors experiences.

Students enrolled in 3 or more semester hours must complete one unit of MHE, and no more than 3 units of MHE can be completed in one semester. Mentored Honors Experiences can be done without taking course work. The portfolio submission includes the MHE contract and a narrative describing the experience.

The portfolio must also contain a concluding, reflective that integrates the lessons learned from the different experiences, the written work product of research, the literature of their discipline, insights into career opportunities, the standards of their profession, and the value of academic excellence. Before this essay is begun, the student will request a faculty member who will read and evaluate this essay and the portfolio. The faculty member will then nominate the student for a degree "with honors."

The portfolio experience will be disseminated or presented in an appropriate forum such as an on-campus portfolio or research day, a professional or student honorary society, or a professional or student conference.