Quad Cities Campus

Western Illinois University Quad Cities Honors Program

The WIU Quad Cities Honors Program recognizes academic excellence and the distinctive efforts of the students, faculty, and staff. To graduate with the "Honors" designation, the student creates a portfolio documenting honors work in collaboration with faculty and professional mentors. The portfolio consists of a variety of Mentored honors experiences that reflect the educational interests and professional development of the student. Mentored honors experiences emphasize the process of learning rather than the work-product of specific tasks. The portfolio will utilize the talents and resources of many people on campus and in the Quad Cities communities.

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Nikki Wildemuth


"The Centennial Honors College provided me with the essential tools necessary, in order to stand out above my peers. In this growing economy with trying times, being able to say I am an Honors Scholar has set me apart from other applicants. I was able to create a portfolio based on my field of study with the guidance from the Centennial Honors College faculty. The faculty worked to assist and guide me as I created research projects each semester. The guidance I received in creating my portfolio helped me to grow as a student, and have a greater understanding for my field of study. This program has given me the confidence to go out into the world and become a productive, outstanding member of society."

Thank you,
Nikki Wildemuth