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The Pre-MBA minor is designed specifically for students majoring in areas outside the Bachelor of Business who are considering graduate level study in business. Through a set of core business courses, this minor provides students with the fundamentals of business administration and gives them a solid preparation for many entry level positions in business. The minor facilitates the undergraduate’s transition to the MBA at Western Illinois University.

The Pre-MBA curriculum has been created to include accelerated courses for the principles of Accounting and Economics. These are complemented by courses in Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, and Statistics. A majority of these courses are at upper- division; this allows students to begin this minor late in their undergraduate programs and complete the requirements without delaying their graduation.

Completion of the Pre-MBA minor does not guarantee admission to and MBA program. Students seeking an MBA at WIU are required to complete the GMAT examination. Admission to the MBA program is based on a combination of undergraduate GPA and GMAT score. The MBA program also requires a minimum grade of “C” and a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the Pre-MBA core courses.

The Pre-MBA minor is not available to students seeking the Bachelor of Business degree. For more information about the Pre-MBA minor, contact an advisor in the Business Advising Center in Stipes Hall 133 or (309) 298-1619 in Macomb or (309) 762-9481 at the WIU—Quad Cities Riverfront Campus.

Pre-MBA Minor Requirements

ACCT 307 (or ACCT 201 and 202)
ECON 408 (or ECON 231 and 232)
FIN 331; IS 340; MGT 349; MKTG 327; STAT 171