Quad Cities Campus

Interdisciplinary Minor in Nonprofit Administration. 19 s.h.

This interdisciplinary minor is designed to enable students from a variety of majors to seek meaningful careers in youth and human service nonprofit agencies. Those who enroll in the program work toward certification offered by Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, a certification widely recognized by nonprofit organizations throughout the country. The following courses, or their equivalents, should be selected by consulting with the major advisor and the Nonprofit Administration advisor.

  1. Required Courses: 7 s.h.
    RPTA 199—Fieldwork in Leisure Services (1), or equivalent experience of 100 hours of direct involvement in a nonprofit organization
    RPTA 270—Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations (3)
    RPTA 470—Alliance Management/Leadership Institute (0)
    Required Internship to include a minimum of 300 hours of direct involvement in a nonprofit organization (3)
  2. One of the following: 3 s.h.
    FCS 121—Introduction to Life Span Development (3)
    PSY 221—Psychology of Child Development (3)
    PSY 422—Adolescent Development (3)
    SOC 360—Gender and Society (3)
    SOC 425—Juvenile Delinquency (3)
    SPED 210—The Exceptional Learner (2)
  3. One of the following: 3 s.h.
    RPTA 235—Programming Principles and Applications in Leisure Services (3)
    RPTA 330—Program Planning for People with Physical Disabilities: Community and Educational Services (3)
    RPTA 428—Youth and Leisure Services (3)
    RPTA 430—Principles of Recreational Sports (3)
    SOC 480—Deviance and Disruption in the American Family (3)
  4. One of the following: 3 s.h.
    HS 400—Grant Writing (3)
    RPTA 424—Fund Raising and Volunteerism in Leisure Services (3)
    RPTA 467—Special Event Planning and Management (3)
  5. One of the following: 3 s.h.
    JOUR 329—Fundamentals of Public Relations (3)
    JOUR 331—Advertising Principles and Practice (3)
    MKTG 327—Marketing Principles (3)
    RPTA 322—Administration of Leisure Services I (3)
    RPTA 422—Advanced Administration of Leisure Services (3)