Quad Cities Campus

Course Scheduling

Kristi Mindrup

WIU-QC schedule coordination is a collaborative effort between Academic Affairs, Quad Cities, and Academic Departments. For more information about WIU-QC schedule coordination, contact:

Kristi Mindrup
Assistant Vice President, QC & Planning

WIU-Quad Cities Block & Final Exam Schedule

Block and Finals Schedule

What is the goal of the QC Block & Final Exam Schedule?

The WIU-QC Block and Final Exam Schedule establishes blocks of time to schedule courses to accomplish four goals:

  1. Maximize student opportunity to take courses within and across disciplines without schedule conflict. This is especially important for students with interdisciplinary majors and minors.
  2. Maximize student potential to enroll in multiple courses
  3. Eliminate CODEC conflict between QC and Macomb campuses
  4. Increase facility usage efficiency

What is the impact of the QC Block & Final Exam Schedule?

Successful implementation and commitment to scheduling courses using the WIU-QC Block and Final Exam Schedules creates conditions that foster increased student credit hour production and decreased time to degree.

  • Quad Cities annual credit hours increased from 19,843 to 22,628 between 2005-2010.
  • Quad Cities has been able to accommodate a growth of 49 additional courses while minimizing the use of off-site locations.
  • Increased utilization of the block allows for continued academic, social, cultural, and community programming with fewer physical resources.

Why is there a different Block Schedule for Quad Cities and Macomb?

The QC Block and Final Exam schedule was designed by a committee of Quad Cities faculty, staff, and partners in Academic Affairs to create minimal change to student schedules during final exam week. While maintaining the university policy that 16-week courses meet 1 hour and 50 minutes during finals week, WIU-QC created a separate schedule to minimize impact on students who are employed, commute to campus, or who arrange for childcare.

Planning & Operations

All WIU-Quad Cities staff collaborate to plan and implement plans that foster positive learning, teaching, and professional experiences.

Kristi Mindrup, Assistant Vice President for Quad Cities & Planning leads the following aspects of operations and planning in collaboration with the WIU-Quad Cities Administrative Team:

  • Campus space planning & programming
  • QC academic planning support and schedule coordination
  • Campus operations
  • Planning and coordination for Academic Advising & Student Affairs, Technology, and Instructional Services