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Interviewer (Introduction): “Getting you or your child a first rate education is smart; getting it with not only convenience but also at a reasonable cost is even smarter. Western Illinois University is the smart advantages to offer the student. Western Illinois University-Quad Cities serves over fourteen hundred students and offers eleven bachelors degree programs, four post bachelor degree certificates, thirteen masters degrees, 1 specialist and one doctoral degree, both of those in educational leadership with a campus committed to become the leader against its peers in quality, access and affordability. Doctor Joseph Rives is Vice President of Western Illinois University planning and technology and he joins us now to talk about the advantages that the quad cities campus can offer. Doctor Rives welcome aboard”.

Dr. Rives: “Well thanks for having me aboard”.

Interviewer: “Since this is a business broadcast, let’s get to the bottom line; tell us about your cost guarantee and in-state tuition and why this place is so affordable”.

Dr. Rives: “The bottom line is Western Illinois University is the only public university to guarantee students four years with no increase cost on their tuition, fees, and/or room and board, and then secondly you asked about the cost guarantee and in-state tuition. As part of that cost guarantee, in-state tuition means that all residents of Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Iowa pay one affordable rate, again with no cost increases for four years”.

Interviewer: “now let’s get some details here; what does Western Illinois University have to offer, what are some of the courses, and what are some of the degrees. We touched on that but let’s get a little more”.

Dr. Rives: “Sure, Western Illinois University-Quad Cities was founded over one hundred years ago and we have courses in education, Art, Sciences, Business, Fine Arts, and Communication. Some sample majors would be Museum Studies, Engineering, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, and Teacher Education”.

Interviewer: “Well Dr. Rives, thanks so much for joining us here on the executive report and giving us an update on Western Illinois University –Quad Cities”.

Dr. Rives: “Thanks and I look forward to everybody coming in to visit us”.

Interviewer: “Dr. Joseph Rives is the Vice President of Western Illinois University planning and technology and can be reached by phone on the campus of Moline Illinois. You can visit them on the web at www.wiu.edu or www.wiu.edu/qc (quad cities)”.

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