Provost & Academic Vice President

WIU/UPI Agreement 2007-2011 Memorandums

APPROVED BY: Jack Thomas, Karen Sears

Informal Resolution to the Grievance filed with regard to Summer Workload

Grievance # W-0808-A
  1. The current language in the Library DWE describing summer workload ( Summer full load is defined as equal to the hours and duties put forth each week during the normal academic year.) shall be removed.
  2. Librarians will perform their primary duties during the summer term according to a job description developed by the Dean in consultation with individual faculty members.
  3. Job descriptions shall adhere to those in the Library faculty DWE in effect during the academic year for full month employment for each month employed.
  4. Summer full time load will be defined as performing the duties identified in the summer job description. These duties will be no more than those expected in the academic year for a full month employment.
  5. If any additional duties are assigned beyond those listed in the job description, compensation shall be paid at the overload rate on the basis of the duties and the ACE equivalents listed on the DWE that are in effect during the academic year.
  6. A meeting will be held (per Article 6.11.a) between the Provost and his designees and the Library faculty to discuss the provisions of this agreement. The Dean of University Libraries will attend this meeting.