Office of the President

Presidential Initiatives for Western Illinois University

Academic Year 2016-2017


Following successful implementation of Higher Values in Higher Education, Western Illinois University will be the leader in educational quality, opportunity, and affordability among regional public universities.

Western Illinois University, a comprehensive regional university, will become one of the leading universities of its type in the nation serving a diverse student population in the Midwest.

WIU has been nationally ranked as a Best Midwestern University. After examining the current state of the institution and the various challenges that exist, I believe the vision above is appropriate and the following is a timeline for achieving that vision, which includes short-and-long term planning initiatives, and a list of action items that address the goals.

This is a shared vision that is embraced by the University community. As such, WIU will be a premier public university and a leader among its benchmark peer group.

  1. Academic Programs
    1. Distinguish WIU from other universities
    2. Review General Education
    3. Continue strategic review of academic programs
    4. Review Teacher Education
    5. Increase student participation and outcomes in Centennial Honors College
    6. Investigate opportunities for new graduate programs using the University feasibility guidelines
    7. Identify courses and programs where there is feasibility and demand for irregularly scheduled formats (e.g., weekend academy, online, hybrid)
  2. Enrollment Management
    1. Continue to enhance marketing, including increased advertising
    2. Expand regional recruitment efforts
    3. Engage the President in recruitment activities
    4. Increase dual enrollment partnerships
    5. Continue to build the President’s Executive Corporate Cluster
    6. Diversify the campuses
    7. Expand the number of international agreements
    8. Increase international student recruitment
    9. Continue strategic enrollment planning
    10. Improve first-year retention rates
  3. Budget
    1. Lead the University through continuing budget challenges
  4. Alumni Relations and Development
    1. Continue to restructure the development area
    2. Increase external giving
    3. Increase funding for scholarships supporting retention and high achieving students
    4. Cultivate new and existing donors
    5. Host alumni events nationwide
  5. Facilities
    1. Achieve Master Plan goals and priorities
  6. Governmental Relations
    1. Place Western Illinois University at the forefront of the statewide agenda for higher education
    2. Host annual legislative reception in Springfield
    3. Visit Legislators
    4. Provide testimony on budget and other issues affecting higher education
    5. Create and maintain relationships with embassies and foreign countries
  7. Campus Collaboration
    1. Continue to provide the university community with timely communications with regard to budget and other high university priorities.
    2. Use multiple formats for presidential communication and collaboration.
  8. Professional Development
    1. Continue to Support Faculty Travel Awards
    2. Retention of Faculty and Staff
    3. Enhance Technology for Faculty and Staff
  9. Committees
    1. Academic Task Force
    2. Student Cost Task Force
    3. Social Responsibility/Planning Task Force
      1. Maintain the University’s ongoing relationship with the Higher Learning Commission and other discipline-specific accrediting agencies