Office of the President

Accomplishments from the Presidential Initiatives

Academic Year 2011-2012


Higher Values in Higher Education (2012 – 2022): Western Illinois University will be the leader in educational quality, opportunity, and affordability among regional public universities.

By enacting our core values, we continue tachieve our goals through the following initiatives.

  • Graduate Studies – 2011 – 2014
    • Completed Noel-Levitz review of graduate admissions and implemented changes.
    • Completed a search for a new Assistant Director
  • First Year Experience (FYE) – 2011 – 2014
    • Completed a comprehensive review and sent final recommendations to the President for review
  • Honors Program – 2011 – 2014
    • Continued to increase participation in Undergraduate Research Day.
    • Nominated students for Rhodes, Truman, Udall and other prestigious scholarship programs. One student was a Rhodes Scholar finalist
  • Ph. D. in Environmental Science – 2012 – 2014
    • Feasibility study completed
    • Will submit program to the Board of Trustees and IBHE – Academic Year 2012-2013
  • Ph. D. in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration – for future consideration
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy – for future consideration
  • Macomb Campus Master Plan
    • Complete Performing Arts Center
      • Parking Plan – Summer 2012
      • Bidding Document Phase Completion – August 2012
      • LEED Design Submission & Approval of Bid Documents – September 2012
      • Bidding & Award Periods – January 2013
      • Construction – March 2013-April 2015
      • Move-in – August 2015
    • Beautify Entrance to Campus by Creating a Welcome Center and Enhanced Signage – 2012-2013
    • Former Cinema Building was evaluated and has been determined unsuitable for a welcome center due to structural issues
    • Demolish Former Godfather's Building – Completed: June 2012
    • Renovate Three-Dimensional Art Facility (Heating Plant Annex) – Summer 2012
    • Upgrade and Build Heating Plant – under consideration (proposed to IBHE)
    • Build Science Complex – under consideration (proposed to IBHE)
      • Health Center/Nursing Center – under consideration
    • Build Visual Arts Center – under consideration (proposed to IBHE)
  • Quad Cities Campus Master Plan
    • Complete Quad Cities Riverfront Campus
      • Phase I – Completed: January 2012
        • Grand Opening and first classes held on January 17, 2012
        • Installed new furniture, fixtures, and technology valued at 1.7 million for Phase I of the Quad Cities Riverfront Campus. This includes 2012 technology for all classrooms, laboratories, and faculty and staff offices, as well as a new campus-wide VOIP telecommunications system and integrated video, voice, and data networks.
      • Phase II Planning – Completed: Architectural Planning in Spring 2012
      • Phase II Construction – Spring 2012 – Fall 2014
        • Groundbreaking Scheduled for August 29, 2012
      • Phase III Planning and Construction – Contingent Upon the Release of Previously Appropriated State Funds
        • May require passage of new Capital Bill
  • Completed and Implemented the Campus Construction Policy
  • Completed the Campus Facilities Design Guidelines
  • Began University Union Renovations
  • Other Completed Progress on Facilities
    • Replaced Brophy Hall cooling tower and redundant heating pump (through summer 2012)
    • Updated science labs in Currens and Horrabin Hall (through summer 2012)
    • Designed and installed Nursing offices and classrooms
    • Demolished and remodeled Washington Hall bathrooms – Summer 2011
    • Upgraded Heating Plant Annex
    • Completed Steam Tunnel
    • Replaced Corbin/Olson transformers
    • Completed Scoreboard in Brophy Hall
    • Upgraded Hanson Field, including artificial turf and flagpoles
  • Increase Funding for Scholarships for Retention and High Achieving Students – ongoing – 2014
    • The University awarded over $3 million in scholarship support.
    • WIU continues to be the earliest Illinois public institution to send financial aid award notifications to new students in an attempt to allow those students to make timely and informed educational choices
    • WIU-QC is piloting an honors cohort for fall 2012. As part of this cohort, students are eligible for the new Western Commitment Scholarship.
  • Increase the Number of International Agreements and International Students – ongoing – 2013
    • Completed AASCU Review of Campus Internationalization – Fall 2011
    • Developed twenty different study abroad and multicultural initiatives        
    • Number of students participating in Study Abroad programs increased from 100 to 159 over the last three years
    • President traveled to China in May 2012 to meet with partner schools
  • Enhance Marketing to Tell the WIU Story, Including Increased Advertising – ongoing
    • Increased our visual presence in our region through increased marketing.
    • Continued to expand the Think Purple campaign for Western.
    • Assisted our admission efforts by increasing our marketing efforts throughout the state through billboards, newspapers, television, radio, movie theaters, malls, and the internet.
  • Created a WIU Growth Plan for students, faculty, and staff
  • Surpassed $50 million toward our goal of $60 million for the Higher Values in Higher Education campaign for Western.
    • Recorded one of the largest planned gifts in Western’s history conservatively estimated at $3 million for the maintenance of the performing arts center.
    • Received a gift of farmland valued at $3 million to support faculty and scholarships in our department of foreign languages.
    • WIU-QC successfully raised $443,300 for Quad Cities scholarships as of spring 2012 and as part of the University’s comprehensive fundraising campaign. These funds have supported scholarship awards to 65 different individuals.
    • Established the Western Commitment Scholarship Program intended to award students with excellent academic ability and demonstrated achievement in high school by offering 4-year scholarships towards the cost of attendance at Western Illinois University. (Fall 2012)
    • Implemented a new Net Price Calculator for incoming freshman using the Noel-Levitz True Cost Calculator program. The calculator was enhanced in January with the added functionality to determine the amount of the Western Commitment Scholarship for eligible new freshman. The addition of the new scholarship improved the packaging of awards which is an integral component of the calculator.
Professional Development
  • Continue to Support Faculty Travel Awards – ongoing
    • Provided 87 grants worth $61,654 through the Provost Travel Award, to provide assistance to faculty doing research beyond their departments and colleges
    • Overall, approximately $500,000 was spent to support faculty travel and professional activity
  • Retention of Faculty and Staff – ongoing
    • Implemented pay increase of 2.5%
  • 220 merit increases given to high performing faculty and academic support professionals ($1530 each for a total of $336,600)
  • Enhance Technology for Faculty and Staff – ongoing
    • Replaced Switcher for Broadcasting
    • Replaced Computer Lab in Knoblauch Hall
    • iPad Cart for the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research (CITR)
    • Upgraded classroom technology in Stipes Hall and Knoblauch Hall
    • $52,000 was distributed to the four Colleges and the Library to address technology needs on the Macomb Campus
    • Approximately $14,500 was given to uTech to address technology needs directly related to electronic classrooms
    • Support was given to WIU-QC to sustain staff computers and instructional classroom equipment on a four-year rotation.
  • Strategic Plan – started Fall 2011 – Completed: 2012-2022 Edition of Higher Values in Higher Education Approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2012
  • Master Plan – started Fall 2011
    • Initiated the review/update of the Macomb Campus Master Plan in Fiscal Year 2012. It will be completed and presented to the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees for implementation approval in Fiscal Year 2013
    • Strategic Enrollment – started Fall 2011
      • Enrollment Management/Recruitment and Retention Committee Started Fall 2011
      • Established Early Alert Notice System
      • Established Building Connections Mentoring Program
      • Reviewed Tutoring Programs
      • Improved billing and receivables process
      • Enhanced the online “Total Cost Calculator”


University Organization Changes – Spring 2012

Based on a review of national best practices,

  • University Technology (UTech) now reports to the Office of the Provost and Academic Vice President
  • The Office of Scholarship Activities now reports to the Office of the Vice President for Student Services
  • University Television now reports to the Office of the Vice President for Advancement and Public Services


*contingent upon the release of state funding