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Approval Date: 04/01/80
Approved By: President and Faculty Senate
Clarification Date: 10/05/95

Disruptive Student in Class Procedure

In the situation where one or more individuals who are registered for a course act, in the judgment of the instructor, in such a manner as to disrupt the normal academic functions in a class, the following actions may be taken:

  1. The instructor should ask the student to cease the disruption.
  2. If the disruption does not cease, the instructor may ask the student to leave the class for that day. If the student refuses to leave, the instructor may call the Office of Public Safety for assistance.
  3. If the disruption is extreme or continuous, the instructor may inform that student that he/she may no longer remain in the course and that the student may appeal this decision to the Council on Admission, Graduation and Academic Standards.
  4. If a student becomes abusive or threatening in any way, the instructor may also refer the student for further action to the University Judicial Board by contacting the Director of Student Judicial Programs in the Office of the Vice President for Student Services.
  5. The instructor shall inform the department chairperson of any action taken in steps 1 through 4.
  6. Notification of a student's removal from class shall also be sent to the Council on Admission, Graduation and Academic Standards.
  7. When a student has been removed from a class, the instructor shall assign the letter grade that is judged appropriate.

It is understood that the normal academic functions in a class may be disruptive or impaired by the actions of a student in or out of the classroom.

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