5th Annual Pennycress Field Day

May 29, 2014 Field Tour

Finally, a beautiful day in Illinois. Although the pennycress was slightly behind schedule for maturity, the plots looked great. This years tour was attend by producers, industry, USDA and University researchers,and students.

Spring pennycress lines varying in maturity time.

Dr. Phippen gives a brief overview of results from past pennycress research projects on crop rotation studies and the current studies looking at the environmental impact of pennycress production.

Students and researchers examing bulk pennycress plots.

Dr. Phippen and Dr. Dennis Plummer (Arvengenix Researcher) discuss pennycress plots.

Dr. Plummer discusses current research conducted by Arvengenix LLC to advance pennycress breeding.

Evaulation plots of wild collected pennycress populations from southern Midwest and Great Lakes region.

Dr. Phippen explains heat stress symptoms on USDA pennycress lines.

Dr. Phippen discusses variations seen in wild pennycress populations.

Evaulation plots of wild collected pennycress for Arvegenix LLC.

Dr. Phippen discusses current phenotypic variaition in wild pennycress and the need to identify traits for domestication.