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Highlighted Online Courses

BC 325

BC 325 Comparative Broadcasting Systems

Classification and analysis of the structure of international broadcast systems. The role of media in developing nations, as well as CATV, public broadcasting, and satellite communication systems are discussed.

Computer Sciences 320.

CS 320 Ethical, Social and Legal Issues in the Digital World

Study of challenges and implications of computer technology for users and IT professionals. Topics include global perspectives on ethical, social and legal issues in software quality, freedom of expression, privacy, intellectual property, hacking, and computer crime.

FCS 321

FCS 321 Preparation for Marriage and Family

The study of factors associated with marital happiness and success including mate selection, changing roles in marriage through the life cycle, and adjustment to conflicts.

Political Science 101.

POLS 101:  Introduction to Political Science

Designed to acquaint the beginning student with the scope and methods of political science with basic elements of democratic theory.