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FY'12 Budget Update [7/7/11]

July 7, 2011

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Dear WIU Campus Community:

Gov. Pat Quinn recently signed the FY'12 budget, and as Dr. Goldfarb mentioned in his final cash flow update last month, Western's appropriated budget for Fiscal Year 2012 has been reduced by $644,400 to $55.5 million from last year's appropriation ($56.2 million). As in past years, there is uncertainty as to when FY'12 dollars will be released. At this point, Western is still waiting on Fiscal Year 2011 reimbursements of approximately $25.3 million.

Despite the reduction in FY'12 funding and persisting fiscal uncertainties, this University's priorities continue to be to provide quality academic programs and to support all current employees. Because of the budget and cash flow situation, all spending continues to be limited to immediate and essential operational needs only, and all purchases over $500 must continue to be submitted for vice presidential approval.

Your division's vice president and the president must also approve all new hiring. It is crucial that we protect our resources so that we can continue to meet our payroll obligations, as well as provide the educational opportunities and resources our students need and deserve.

The University will continue to monitor the budget situation, and will work with our state legislators and other university presidents regarding cash flow and budget issues. I appreciate your support and commitment to Western Illinois University.


Jack Thomas

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