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What Do We Do?

Connect you with information in a manner that is welcoming, responsive, professional, and accurate. We help you navigate the library and its resources, both in the building and online.

Meet the WIU Reference Librarians and Staff

Photo of Krista Bowers Sharpe
Krista Bowers Sharpe
Assistant Professor
(309) 298-2785x1
Photo of Brian Clark
Brian Clark
(309) 298-2785x2
Photo of Sean Cordes
Sean Cordes
Associate Professor
(309) 298-2785x3
Photo of Hunter Dunlap
Hunter Dunlap
(309) 298-2745
Photo of Tom Finley
Tom Finley
Instructor - WIU Quad Cities Library
(309) 762-1598
Andrea Francis
Senior Library Specialist
(309) 298-2722
Photo of Jeffrey Hancks
Jeffrey Hancks
(309) 298-2717
Photo of Chuck Malone
Chuck Malone
(309) 298-2719
Photo of Jeff Matlak
Jeff Matlak
Associate Professor
(309) 298-2720
Photo of Daneen Richardson
Jeanne Stierman
Assistant Dean for Library Operations
(309) 298-2762
Photo of Bill Thompson
Bill Thompson
(309) 298-2785
Photo of Linda Zellmer
Linda Zellmer
Associate Professor
(309) 298-2723

2018/19 Graduate Assistant:

Matthew Medley