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Gifts Policy

Thank you for thinking of Western Illinois University Library for your donation. The Library's Gifts Policy stipulates specific guidelines for donations which are briefly outlined below.

The library will accept and acknowledge materials in good condition *in the following categories:

  • Hardbound books/monographs
  • Paperback books (best sellers, classics, etc.)
  • Selected journals to which the library currently subscribes
  • Selected non-book materials

The library generally will not accept or acknowledge materials in the following categories:

  • Textbooks
  • Pamphlets under 15 pages
  • Travel guides
  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  • Newspapers
  • "Popular"magazines (such as Family Circle & Woman's Day)
  • Bibles

If the gift is to be used as a tax deduction, The donor must provide an estimated or appraised value; the library will only acknowledge receipt of the materials. Please note that journals or other items received as a result of professional organization memberships for which dues or fees have been deducted are not eligible for tax credit.

The library is under no obligation to accept or acknowledge gifts which are not prearranged, and reserves the right to utilize all donations to its best advantage.

*On the advice of appropriate librarian(s), exceptions may be made as follows: regional and WIU-related materials in less than good condition; non-commercial travel guides; newspapers of regional interest; government publications in any category.