Manuscripts and Other Documents

Scan of Nauvoo handwritten document.

Held in the WIU Special Collections (Mormon Collection)

Allen, Margaret [Papers]. AMS 2001-01.
Article "Who Burned the Mormon Temple in Nauvoo? Shakerism Versus Mormonism in Hancock County." Includes photocopies of supporting documents.
Blum, Ida [Scrapbooks] SMS 1978-6 (oversize).
Photocopies of items from the Nauvoo Independent, the Hawkeye Gazette, and the Daily Gate City newspapers. The information included relates to the Mormons in Illinois and to historic buildings and monuments in Nauvoo.
Collett, Farrell R., Mormon Pioneer Trail, 1847-1869. c. 1978. FOL 20.
Gordon-Vestal Collection c. 1830-1950. SMS 1979-21.
Assembled primarily by Pearl Gordon Vestal, this collection contains information on the history of Hancock County, Illinois, and Hamilton, Illinois, including the Mormons and Nauvoo.
Gregg, Thomas B., A Descriptive, Statistical, and Historical Chart of the County of Hancock. 1846. FOL 13.
Hallwas, John E. Mormon Collection, 1839-1903, SMS 1995-1.
Original letters, typescripts of unpublished documents, and photocopies of previously published materials acquired during research done on the book Cultures in Conflict.
Martin, David C., Nauvooiana Scrapbook, 1983. SMS 1983 2.
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, periodical articles, brochures and pamphlets (mostly photocopies) which emphasize the nineteenth century Mormon period and the twentieth century restoration of Mormon buildings.
Millroy and Hayes, Route of the Mormon Pioneers From Nauvoo to Great Salt Lake: Feb'y 1846-July 1847. c. 1899. FOL 15.
Miscellaneous records regarding the Mormons, primarily but not limited to their time in Nauvoo. (Microfilm).
Murphy, W., The Nauvoo Temple. c. 1868. FOL 16.
Nauvoo, Ill. [Journal] 1855-1857. VFM 88.
Daybook of a general store, including names of customers, items purchased, and prices paid. In 1888 the book was owned by Ida E. Mofitt. Includes index of names.
Shelor, Kenneth [Collection] VFM 188.
Wesley Clowes trained as a lawyer, but farmed near St. Mary's in Hancock County. The collection includes detailed cash book and diaries. The diaries record weather, family activities and details of farm work, and his efforts at grafting fruit trees. The collection also includes information about the Mormons in Plymouth by Warren L. Van Dine and a history of St. Mary by Kenneth Shelor.
Siegfried, Mary A., [Scrapbooks] SMS 1979-8 (oversize).
Clippings of newspaper and periodical articles on the history of Hancock County, including ones relating to the Mormons and Nauvoo.
Taylor, Hawkins [Memoirs] 1876 VFM 177.
His recollections of the Walker family in Kentucky and Illinois, Lincoln's first election, Mississippi River travels, homesteading in the Sangamon County area, the move to Ft. Madison in 1837, Mormon and anti-Mormon information, his years as sheriff, and frontier outlaws.
Utah State Historical Society [Mormons in Hancock County] VFM 196.
Photocopies of portions of manuscripts at the Utah State Historical Society that relate to the Mormon experience in Hancock County. A complete list of items is at the beginning of the collection.
Warsaw Scrapbooks, Worthen, Jeanette and Marie Worthen, 1851-196-. SMS 1980 19.
Extracts from Warsaw newspapers compiled by Jeanette and Marie Worthen, which focus mainly on the history of Warsaw but which include articles on Nauvoo and the Mormons.
Wilcox, Linus L. [Letters] 1839-1856 VFM 85.
Letters by Linus and Abigail Wilcox of LaHarpe, Illinois, regarding Mormons, local medical care, and travel to Illinois.
Williams, Wesley [Papers] 1838-1897 VFM 94.
Letters to son John Williams on local conditions and business affairs, including relations to the Mormons, the Local Grand Lodge, the California gold rush, railroads, and family. Notes pertaining to Wesley C., Charles J. Scofield, Melgar Couchman, and Andrew and Abigail Moore. Order for a cemetery monument for Luke P. Prentice, 1897.