What Students Say 

My experience has been that WESL is a great place to study. After I graduated from
WESL, I realized how much my English had improved. When I first came here, I was scared of speaking English with Americans and I had a hard time catching what they said.

Now I feel more comfortable and confident when I speak. I think WESL provides an efficient, well-organized program of study, and WIU is a great environment for international students.   - Chieh-Ya Hu (Taiwan) 


The WESL program is very helpful.

We can make friends from many countries, so we can learn about other cultures as well as American culture.

- Chika Kitaoka (Japan)



Hi, you might be wondering what the most positive aspect of this university is.

Well, I can tell you that this university has the kindest people and every single advantage you are looking for. Don’t take my word for it. Come and see for yourself. Seeing is believing.

 - Franck Njeunje (Cameroon)


I would say that WESL is one of the nicest ESL programs where you can learn English easily. 

You should come and see this excellent program.
 - Abdulmusa Sonmus (Turkey) 




Macomb is just the right size and a very welcoming community.

My American friends and teachers really help me to improve my English skills. Now, Macomb is my second hometown.

 - Hana Yoo (Korea)  



The atmosphere and sense of safety in the university community is much appreciated by everyone at WESL Institute.

- Badr Ayesh Alreshidi (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) 




Since WESL is my first educational experience in the USA, I cannot compare it with other institutes. That said, it is like a first love - there is no match to WESL Institute. I find in this  program that there are dynamic courses and thoughtful teachers as well as an administration that care about students. The teachers and administrators do their best to help the students succeed.

These are the real Higher Values in Higher Education.
 - Guelmbaye Ngarsadje (Chad)  


Macomb is a very lovely and safe town. The campus is big and beautiful, and the people are very friendly and helpful.

- Nurahment Nuryllayev (Turkmenistan)





The teachers are very kind and patient with students. I have had a lot of opportunities to talk with and meet American students.

What I learned from WESL has been very useful for me in my WIU classes.
- Shenghsuan Huang (Taiwan)